Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
Chapter 1
The man stood staring at what had once been the sea. He swam across all the way here to the island known as port florum. He was wet and cold not even the hot sand on the beach he had been standing on warmed him. The man walked a little farther and came into town when he saw a few navy soldiers passing by asking the townsfolk on the island for something he knew if they walked any closer they would soon see him. He quickly ducked behind a few barrels and peered up to see when they were gone but when he looked up he was no longer paying attention to the soldiers.

The man had been stationed here by the British royal navy and as an officer passed by he called out “captain Chris Rogers come forth” the man stepped forward and answered “yes sir?” the officer then explained “ you know the pirate named Stephen Fernando don’t you? We have reason to believe he is hiding on the island possibly being harbored by a civilian I want you to go through town and ask all of the townsfolk if they have seen him and report back to me” captain roger left the fort and headed towards the town.

The man stared up to see a wanted poster with his own name on it the name rang in his head Stephen Fernando though his friends called him Steve and his crew called him Captain Steve Fernando it didn’t matter to him what he was called he was just lucky to be alive. he noticed the soldiers had passed he quickly tore down the poster he had no weapons, no crew and no ship now he wasn’t even fit to be called captain he needed a sword before he could do anything. So he walked around a little before he saw the blacksmith’s shop he entered. As the door closed behind him It seemed the light was being sucked out of the room it was dim in the shop Steve then said “I need a sword” the blacksmith replied “I’m sorry sir but…” the blacksmith turned around to face Steve and then continued “my god your back so what are you back for? Last time I saw my beset customer I made you a special sword” Steve replied “something happened to me I need a new sword. And I think you’re the guy that can make it for me” the blacksmith said “aye unfortunately it will take a day to make and it won’t be as great as your old blade” “ok I just need something to replace it for the time being” Steve said he walked over to a rusted cutlass and picked one up “this will have to do for now” Steve said as he walked out the door.

Captain roger went around asking the townsfolk as he was told. The sun was beating down on his head he went door to door asking then he thought he saw something move out of the corner of his eye into a bunch of barrels. He thought it was his imagination so he walked along after the whole day was gone and the sun was setting before he went back to the fort to report that no one had seen him he thought the only person left that had close relations to Steve

Chapter 2
Captain roger opened the door the blacksmith was working hard crafting a sword for someone “have you seen Stephen around” roger said “who wants to know” the blacksmith said as he turned around to find a gun pointed at him “ok just don’t shoot he came in earlier and asked for a new sword he’s gone now” roger replied “ok I guess I’ll just have to wait till he comes back then” roger now had his finger on the trigger

Steve walked towards the tavern it was now sundown and he arrived he stopped a few feet away from the door and sprinted towards the wall he ran up the wall and grabbed onto the edge of the roof he quickly pulled himself up he walked towards a man that was sleeping on the roof at the man’s side he had a few rum bottles Stephen nudged the man with his foot “Nick wake up” he said Nick’s eyes shot open he stood up but he seemed to be dizzy he was about up to Stephens shoulders and looked to be about 16 as nick pulled out a dagger he said “you’re a wanted man”

Roger had his finger on the trigger and said “is the sword done” “no” the blacksmith answered thinking he could buy himself more time “finish it then” Roger said the blacksmith then went over to his materials and reached all the way to the back of the table and grabbed a handful he then moved them to another table where he snatched the pistol hidden in the pile and turned around with it pointed at Roger

Nick walked towards the dock and thought about what his friend Stephen had said “you have to launch your ship I’ll be in the blacksmiths shop tell me when you’re ready to launch he was finally on the dock and with every step he took towards the dinghy the wood creaked he got himself into the dinghy and started to row the water was black the only thing that lit it was the full moon as he rowed closer towards his ship he lit a torch it was as bright as the sun compared to the pitch black that showed in the water and sky he climbed aboard his ship the scarlet king and put the cargo he was lugging around on he then turned around to head back to the blacksmiths

Stephen walked the path to the blacksmiths everything seemed like a blur even though he was carrying a torch he couldn’t see much but between the moon and his torch the light that shined upon the path was enough to find his way he had reached the blacksmith and with a gentle push the door opened and he heard a shot from a pistol his eyes opened wide

Chapter 3
Stephen walked in the blacksmiths shop to see the blacksmith dead and captain roger standing there with a tear through his clothes near his shoulder and a pistol lying beside the blacksmith Stephen guessed that they had attempted to shoot at each other
Roger quickly saw the blacksmith turn around with the pistol in his hand and pressed the trigger but was to late the blacksmith had shot first the bullet went right towards his shoulder and skimmed it but his shot did not fail to hit its intended target all of the sudden he heard the door creak open

Roger and Stephen met each other’s gaze and pulled out their swords Stephen was too fast for roger and slashed for roger’s legs but roger quickly blocked his attack Stephen struck to roger’s head then arm each time blocked but each time he struck Roger took a step back and now he was against the wall Stephen then brought his blade back as if he was going to thrust his cutlass into Roger

Nick arrived back on the dock after hearing the gunshot he knew he had to hurry he quickly lit another torch and walked along the path thinking of what might have happened in the blacksmiths shop but before he headed to the blacksmiths he needed to get back to the tavern where he had left his cutlass and pistol after a while of walking he arrived at the tavern he entered and to his surprise as soon as everyone saw him they pulled out pistols, swords, daggers and rum bottles at the ready all aimed at him “did I miss a bar fight?” nick said
Chapter 4
Steve’s sword was pulled back in a motion as if he were to stab roger through the chest. Roger was up against the wall and roger thought it feels cold as if death draws near. Then Steve swung into motion and as he thrust his arms forward he hit something solid but it was not flesh nor was it bone he had hit the wall and his sword was now stuck in the wood. Roger had flinched preparing for the worst but before that he had made the slightest of movement just enough to get his chest out of the way. But as soon as he opened his eyes he saw that the sword had just grazed his arm he cracked a grin “I knew you couldn’t do it and now it’s time I stuck back” roger said as he went to slash Stephen. Stephen moved out of the way as he taunted “to slow” roger became infuriated and started to attack with a flurry of attacks the movements were almost blinding but yet Stephen stood without a scratch and at that moment roger lifted the blade high above his head and swung down hard. You could hear the sword cutting through the wind and with blinding speed Stephen grabbed it with his palms put together on the flat parts of the blade he then pulled in, down, up and then in again. When he pulled in the last time the sword was yanked out of roger’s hand and Stephen spun around and drove it into the wall they were both unarmed now or at least without a sword…

Nick stood in the bar door waiting a response until he saw a shadow that crept down the stairs and when he looked up above the shadow there stood commodore James smith. The commodore said “where is your friends” “who wants to know?” nick said “you will tell me where he is and if you don’t I will have you arrested” “I think I’ll take my chances” nick replied. The commodore then yelled out “whoever captures that man will receive 1,000 gold coins I want him alive”. nick pulled something out of his coat pocket pulled a torch off the wall and lit two small black orbs as the men in the tavern rushed at him he said “it’s always good to have a distraction” and as the small black orbs hit the ground they exploded in a cloud of smoke nick ran in and grabbed his things and quickly ran out the door closing it shut behind him. He then ran behind a building thinking no one would find him and as soon as nick finished putting his equipment on a man in a hooded black coat appeared with a portal of what looked like smoke behind him. The mysterious man called to nick “where is the guardian?” “Who?” nick replied the man spoke again “your friend the one they are hunting for” nick pulled out his sword “I’m not about to tell you!” the man replied to nicks response “hmmm well that’s too bad I was going to let you live if you told me but now” the man raised his arm to the height of his chest.
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Chapter 5
Steve ran towards roger at full speed dived and rolled right before the shot came and sprinted towards the pistol grabbed it and disarmed roger “let’s see how well you do in a real fight” Stephen said as he ran out the door roger was now enraged as he walked out he slammed the door shut behind him and to his surprised Stephen was leaning on the wall of the house with his hands behind his head roger then went to punch him but Stephen was too quick for him and roger ended up punching the wall Steve took this advantage to roundhouse kick roger and roger was slammed into the wall. He looked back towards the back of the town and he saw many red coats running towards his position and with every second they were getting closer.
Nick wondered what the man was doing with his hand pointed towards him and then all of the sudden it hit him a black beam came out of the man’s hand and sent nick flying. He then said be a good boy and sunk into the ground and then nick realized the man had left a ball of smoke in midair. he tried to get up but the ball was shooting at him he wondered how is this possible “I have to get away” nick cried out but he had nowhere to run.
Chapter 6
Stephen knew he had to end this fast he looked around for something to use while roger was getting up off the ground but he couldn’t find anything. It was empty all the townsfolk had run away after they heard the gunshot. Now it was too late he had run out of time the red coats would be here any second now and he had no weapon nothing. He then thought what if I could get onto one of the buildings and backed away from the wall and sprinted at full speed. He ran up the wall and grabbed onto the roof and quickly pulled himself up he was ready for what was to come now and when he looked into the distance of the now empty town he saw the red coats running towards roger now it was all or nothing.
Nick lied on the ground watching the ball of smoke as it watched him he had only one chance at getting away and he knew what he had to do. Nick quickly pulled out his pistol with his hand on the trigger the turret saw this and sprang into action spewing out black flames everywhere. Nick rolled out of harm’s way and pressed down hard on the trigger the ball of smoke had become bigger now and it was now slower to react. Nick saw this to his advantage and threw a grenade inside it there was a small explosion and the ball of smoke had disappeared. Nick knew he had to get Stephen out now and headed to the blacksmiths little did he know the red coats had already arrived.
Chapter 7
Roger saw the red coats and started to yell out to them “HE’S ON THE ROOF! HE’S ON THE ROOF!” the navy soldiers looked up on the roof of the blacksmiths shop but didn’t see anyone. All of the sudden one of the two soldiers was on the ground and the one that stood on the right side looked in horror as his partner was on the ground with one arm behind his back. When he looked up he saw Stephen pulling the soldiers arm so it almost made a v shape Stephen then took the soldier musket and hit him in the back of the head knocking the soldier unconscious. Stephen then used the musket as a bo staff and lifted it over his head and swung down on the same side as his front leg which was near the soldiers left shoulder. He then lifted it up over his head again and struck on the opposite side and then pulled back with the butt of the gun facing the soldier and pushed forward knocking the soldier to the ground with his shoulders broken. Roger saw this and ran towards his pistol but when he went to the spot where it once laid it was gone. He looked back to see Stephen racing towards him but simply ran into the blacksmiths shop and carried out a wooden rod now also wielding it as a bo but to his surprise a man just came out of the ground holding his pistol the man said “play fair now” and sunk back into the ground. Roger then saw Stephen as he was looking around for the man and knowing that Stephen was too fast for him roger took the opportunity to grab the other musket and loaded it. Roger had the musket aimed at Stephen who looked back to see this and right as roger pulled the trigger attempted to dive out of the way.
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Chapter 8
The bullet was speeding towards Stephen and nothing he could do would stop it from hitting him the last minute dive didn’t help and it looked like it was the end. The man in the black coat had then reappeared and grabbed the bullet and told roger “didn’t I tell you to play nice?” nick now stood behind roger watching in horror that he had been too late and out of the corner of his eye nick saw five more red coats running towards their location. He threw two smoke grenades behind him and yelled at Stephen “THEIR COMING!” Stephen took off for the tavern right after and the man had sunk back into the ground roger chased after him. Stephen had reached the tavern and slammed the door open only a few drunken men were still inside. He took a closer look at the men and realized they were unconscious so he went over and took the bottles they held and put them in his long coat. Roger had ran into the tavern chasing after Stephen and to his surprise the last thing he saw was a glass bottle thrown onto the top of his head roger had fallen onto the ground and like the other soldiers was unconscious. Stephen then saw nick run into the bar and say “they chased me here they’re outside” and nick then took a full bottle of rum and walked out with Stephen to face the soldiers.
Chapter 9
They ran out the door and back into the streets the dust that was in front of them rendered their eyes useless but when it cleared they saw what had to be at least twenty navy soldiers waiting for them. One soldier told them “drop your weapons!” while another said “halt your under arrest” and the others just had a bayonet pointed at the two boys. Nick said “I thought you had a plan” Stephen replied “well why did you assume I had a plan if you already know I don’t usually go into things with a plan?” nick looked up trying to think of something to say but no words came out when his head came back down and nick dropped his weapons and put his hands up. Stephen reached into his long coat and pulled out a grenade and as he threw it nick quickly picked his weapons up and cried out “what do we do now?” as the grenade exploded Stephen said “run!” as he ran off towards the docks. The soldiers that had been blinded by smoke from the explosion started blind firing not knowing where they were shooting as Stephen and Nick were already halfway to the dock. Nick saw Stephen far ahead of him and said to him “he’s too fast I can’t keep up” but then Stephen ran into an alley nick thought this was strange. Stephen had ran into the alley to see a navy soldier talking to his friend who looked like he was half asleep or drunk and Stephen then tapped the soldier on the shoulder the soldier quickly turned around to see Stephen with a wanted poster of him right next to the soldier.

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Chapter 10
The soldier reached for his sword but a hand came down on his blades hilt before his own and pulled the blade right out of the sheath the soldier was stunned by how fast the hand got to his blades hilt. Stephen pulled a bottle of rum out of his coat and turned the soldier around, he then slammed the soldier into the wall and onto the ground. The soldier stood up to find the rum bottle on the ground and he heard Stephen’s voice “thanks for the sword I left you a little thank you gift” Stephen started to head for the docks again. Nick had arrived at the docks and started looking for the dinghy and in the corner of his eye he could see Stephen running up to the dock with a new sword. “where did you get that?” nick said Stephen replied “I got it in a sort of trade from a soldier I gave him the bottle of rum” nick yelled out “WHAT! I was gonna drink that too” as they got in the dinghy. The navy soldiers that had been knocked down were getting closer with every second wasted and Stephen and nick rowed as fast as they could to get to the ship but it was not fast enough the navy soldiers were almost at the dock.
Chapter 11
The soldiers had arrived and they only had one pistol with a shot in it Stephen noticed this right away and grabbed the pistol aiming for a crate of supplies above the soldier he pressed the trigger. Nick yelled at him “WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR! THAT WAS THE ONLY WEAPON THAT WE COULD USE AT A DISTANCE!” “Just watch” Stephen replied and as he said that the shot whizzed past the soldiers and the crate. The bulled ricochet off the wall it hit and flew into the rope cutting the crate loose and with a large thud the crate had split the dock in half and the soldiers dived to get out of the way. Stephen and Nick were on the ship now and they started to get the sails ready but after one sail was ready the soldiers were already back up.
Chapter 12
They had already started to sail and Stephen was now at the wheel while Nick was busy looking for something to fight the soldiers with. The soldiers now standing were on the docks with their muskets loaded and one by one they pulled the trigger Stephen and nick saw the bullets fly out of the barrels of the muskets and fly past them almost grazing their shoulders. Nick had run below the deck now to get some cannonballs he loaded the cannons and grabbed a torch near him and lit three cannons and they hit the land creating a cloud of dust and smoke and just as it was coming out of distance he could see the craters they had left. They were headed for a good friend now and they knew nothing would stop them from saving him from the French fort at sundown.
Roger woke up in the middle of the street his head was pounding on his skull and he could barely walk when he saw a hand on his shoulder. Everything was a blur to roger now but he could just make out a red coat “captain! Are you ok?” the soldier said. More soldiers rushed to help roger up and roger faintly heard one say “we need to get him home” roger denied and said “I’ll be ok just launch my ship to follow them I can get some rest there” he saw a couple of soldiers nod and run off towards the docks. It was near sundown and roger’s ship was ready to set sail and his only destination was to Stephen and Nick.