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Hey there, folks! As of today, I wanted to create this Thread for fellow followers of the Overwatch League as we are about to enter the 2019 Inaugural Season real shortly here!

As well, when on the discussion of Overwatch League, what team are you rooting for/ watching their off-season (or inaugural) play to judge how they're going to play this season?

Let's talk!
(I consider myself a huge follower of the Florida Mayhem!)

Solomon Warshot

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Revitalizing but personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how Fusion handles this upcoming season. I was a big fan of theirs last season and loved their underdog story throughout the later stages into the finales. I am also a fan of the Dallas Fuel and hoping they see a revitalizing season this year.

During the early stages last season, I was excited to see xQc and Seagull go at it with the Dallas Fuel. I ended up being disappointed as xQc ended up not being able to get out of his own way and getting suspended constantly throughout the earlier stages and then Seagull ended up bench riding a lot and their overall performance being shoddy at best with a poorly melded DPS and tank line and a support line that clearly was washed up.

However, after my disappointment with Dallas Fuel, Fusion showed me a good time. They struggled a lot with different issues but it was always a great time watching the old Shadowburn/Carpe combo during the early stages then watching the Eqo/Carpe evolve during the late stages. I am hoping to see more greatness from them this season as well with their (hopefully) more refined tank line.