parrot shop

Rose Sunslipper

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i think it would be pretty cool.... kinda like how our pirate have stars fly around their heads if they got stunned... have it be a parrot... :D like... how we put on tattoos... lets put on a parrot :p with like.. the flying parrot being 25,000 gold, and the parrot for your shoulder be 50,000 gold... lol... idk


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lol love the pic of the pika xD mine would.......... be yellow that helped me cheat in poker xD


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Adopt a parrot would be good. We can get a parrot from a pet store, then a parrot would have abilities (almost like having another weapon). The parrot - or any pet, really - can be trained to have levels; just sits there on the shoulder, flies around following us, or sends a message to some friends, or even steals stuff from enemies/pokes/flaps wings on enemies. Just annoys enemies. Then the higher the parrot level is, the more attributes it can get; customized outfit :cool: , a hat, eye patch, or even a goatie!

Mine would have an eye patch and hat of course, and a sling to carry bullets for me. Like that ----------> :arrrrr: except it's a parrot.
Thats a great idea, if only disney would do that, which i would say they would not, it would be cool to have a parrot, i would make mine all green with blue feathers!!;)