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Igor Greybeard

Igor would like to start a PC equipment thread to see what be in our oceans. Igor say cannon defense, PvP and SvS activities are some of the more intense activities on Pirates of the Caribbean. Igor say for enhanced game play some pirates may want to look into upgrading there normal equipment. Igor say the first culprit of poor game interaction is wireless equipment. Igor say this means Mice, keyboards and Routers. Igor say all of these wireless devices are slower than a wire connection due to having to transmit the signal.

Disney itself advises not to use a wireless router to elevate lag and disconnection. Igor would advise never using a wireless mouse during any intense game play as they just can not keep up. :rumgone:

Igor has found many pirates ask how Igor can shoot so fast, Igor uses a hyper-responsive mouse. Igor say Hyper-responsive, what is that you ask? Igor say Razer products defines it as this:
Hyperesponse -This term pertains to the buttons, mechanical action and click speed of our mice. Most mice have a small "sweet spot" where each button can be actuated. With a Hyperesponse button, there are two stages that go into the development of the button to ensure that it can always be actuated no matter where it is pressed, and how quickly it is pressed.

Igor say next Igor say many pirates ask how you aim so well and Igor again would like to say the mouse (and practice) is key. Igor's mouse has a very high DPI count. Igor ask DPI what is that. Igor say Razer products defines it as this:

DPI-"Counts" are considered to be movement data by a computer and is interpreted by the computer to either move a certain amount of pixels on the OS desktop and in games with cursors (usually one count per pixel), or a certain change in degrees of the orientation of the player's avatar in-game. The way these counts are calculated is by the size of the array in a sensor, the number of frames the sensor captures per second and how quickly the sensor can process this information.

A high dpi means that more movement data is generated by the sensor and the on-screen cursor will move greater distances without requiring the gamer to move his or her hand more on the mousing surface. This can be vital for high sensitivity gamers or RTS (real time shooters) players that need pinpoint precision in order to play to the best of their abilities.

Igor say and lastly for all those who like to PvP Igor say it is always nice for your mouse to have a great polling rate. Igor ask Polling rate what is that. Igor say that Razer products defines it as this:
Polling Rate - While tracking, a typical mouse will send its X and Y movement calculations, as well as information about which buttons are pressed, to the computer 125 times a second (meaning once every 8ms). This is known as a polling rate and is expressed in Hertz. Most mice often have a polling rate of 125Hz. The higher the polling rate, the more often the computer receives information about the status of your mouse and the faster the computer can respond to your command. For instance, if you were to use a mouse with a polling rate of 1 Hz for a FPS, your computer would receive movement date once every second, which would result in your on screen avatar in moving once a second.

Igor not say everyone go out and spend spend spend. Igor is trying to make all pirates aware of the products and their abilities. Igor say Igor used a cheapy cheap from the big box store for a long time before making a educated decision on Igor's upgrade. Igor started instead with a gaming pad as Igor was not used to using a keyboard to get around, but that a whole other story. :excited:

Igor would also like to provide a link to a great way to figure out what kind of mouse best suits your style:


Igor also say there are other companies with comparable products Igor has just been using Razer products for the last two years and has had great lasting results with them.
Igor hopes this makes your gaming experience even better Igor know it did for Igor.

So Igor have to ask what kind of mouse do you use ?
I am on all wireless at my home unless I play in the bedroom desktop.... I do okay on my newer laptop because its a maxed out model at the time it was purchased. My other two laptops kind of have a lag on things like invasions... they only get that on pirates not on other games. I also have another desktop that I have never played pirates on so not sure how well that one does on it. I usually keep to just the three laptops.

I have to agree with you though. wireless speeds are usually about half of what you get from being plugged in.
Great information Igor thanks for sharing that.
I seem to always have lag that is why I do not enjoy SVS or even invasions if they are on a busy server. I remember one time I TP for an invasion and the TP took so long by the time my screen finally loaded the invasion was over with. LOL
Helga says she does not use the same equipment as Igor, but has a relatively cheap graphic mouse with higher DPI. Helga says about $20. Helga runs a desktop with max RAM (8gb, currently), high end graphics card, 2 TB HDD, and other extra goodies. Helga is set up for Graphics Intense programs. Helga also has DSL but tweaked with special settings to allow optimal connection.

Helga says a big downfall is Helga's OS, which is Win7, sadly not compatible 100% with POTC. Helga says they are still working with XP as a main OS. Helga says XP is optimal, Vista is a bit better for the game, win7 can guarantee a crash at least once during heavy heavy games, even in XP compatibility mode.

Helga says another part of Igor speed comes from basic care of his system. Helga says Igor has his OS clean and streamlined. Helga says Helga plans on writing up a basic care guide, but has been too busy. Helga says look for it this weekend.
Thank you so much for the great information Igor and Helga. I am not computer savvy at all. lol I do have a wireless mouse and keyboard as that is what came with my PC, however my router is not wireless.
lol Char I am not computer savvy either. :oops:

Thanks for the great information Helga.
I look forward to seeing Igors basic care report. I think that would be very helpful for me. I am sure most of my problems are from having way too much junk on my computer.
Desktop 8gb RAM TB Hard drive with a 512 gb external connected for all things to be saved to... music, videos etc so the TB will never be full lol, brand new processor and graphics card... about 700 dollars worth of stuff jammed into a computer case lol 23 inch monitor... blah blah blah... game doesnt lag on me lol
I use wired connection only when having problems with wireless (i.e. when my neighbor misconfigures their wireless, until I knock on their door and go in and fix it for them.)

External keyboard (standard 104.)
For my mouse - WIRED mouse only. (Laptop touchpad too, for legendary fish.)

I strongly agree that 100% of the wireless mice out there, do not have half the response of the most crude wired mouse.
nice info igor, wow these mice are expensive! ;) but they seem worth the price
Igor say aye mate but look on other sites for better prices Igor's mouse lists at a steep 80 dollars but Helga ordered from amazon for a much more afford able 40 dollars!!!
EDIT (Oct 29, 2010 12:31 AM):
im all wireless... i cant stand fighting with a mouse or a regular keyboard... sadly... windows 7 sucks for POTCO -.-
I have soooo many problems with it =/

Igor ask are you running Pirates in XP service pack 2 mate? Igor say many people have found this to help them run the game with less crashing!! Igor say if need help just shoot Igor or Helga a conversation !!!!
EDIT (Oct 29, 2010 12:37 AM):
Igor uses a Razer Lachesis gaming mouse and a Belkin n52te. Igor say if you look around at various outlet sites you can find these great tools at low low prices !!!!



Igor has gotten so us to these tool Igor is incapacitated with out them !!!
Helga says Helga can prove he is, should have taken pics of him in the hospital with a collapsed lung and his toys.
Good thread Igor, I didn't vote in the poll regarding Internet connections because what I'm using wasn't included. I run a Cellular Modem which connects like a dialup but, once connected goes hi speed and matches DSL in terms of data transmission speed.
I have wireless but my main computer is in the other room.We also have Verizon fiber optics. My Connection is fairly fast. I definetly use a bluetooth mouse.