Suggestion Pearl Quest: Blackjack Table in the Faithful Bride

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    OK, there's a part in the early Pearl Quest where Nill Offrill tells you to win some nominal amount like 25 gold playing Blackjack, at 34% in the quest.

    Well howsabout this; have a Blackjack table in the Faithful Bride, where Nill tells you to play! Sounds exciting, I know, and handy too, since yer right there already!

    Now I know poker and blackjack are glitchy and don't always work well, but surely the empty table in the pub could be converted to blackjack. Yes?

    You're welcome!
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    Jul 30, 2016
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    I was thinking about making a post about this exact feature. One thing that I think would be pretty cool is to play blackjack with Jack, Joshamee, and whoever else is at the table. Obviously, it would just take more time then a normal game, but i think it would be fun to play with the iconic characters from the movie the game is based on. (Also because these iconic characters just sit in one room the entire time so it would be fun to interact with them)
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