pet peeves


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post yours today. here are mine. my pet bird, when i find cans of mountain dew that are empty, people who freak out over stupid stuff, stupid stuff, customer service uh your not helping much, your mom how come she can cook better than mine, ppl who smell (jade o' hayes), things that say free and then you walk up and they say you need to sign up uh i had to do something for you so that makes it not free, ppl who are cooler than me whay are you so cool. now post yours
I like your peives, mine your when someone sound's and act's like they are making a joke and laugh, and they say they were not making a joke, also when people get mad at you because your car is to big!!!!!;)

Will Nightwolf

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I hate when you get out of a movie and you hear people saying some of the lines that they just heard in the movie
I hate when people automatically join the opposite side of what you choose[ex: you say you like something and they say they hate it]


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ppl who smell (jade o' hayes),
I know you love my smell, Corey ... that's why you said you 'hated' it ... ;) (~ Basil's theory; somebody who loved another person tended to fight that person ... :lol1:, good philosophy, huh? For his story, btw ... ). Anyways, moving on ...

Mine is when I only get half of information I need as if I'm supposed to be a mind-reader, for instance, I'm 'supposed' to do something but I was not well informed prior to that. And when I complain, the other person would say, well, I just did tell you, and now you know. :mad:

The others are common courtesy ("please and thank you", or say them in different ways but have similar meanings), ppl who think they are the unluckiest person in the world, ppl who always blame something/somebody else (it's always "somebody else's fault, not mine"), ppl who think that the world owe's them everything instead of our responsibilities to take action, laziness, being too unorganized and being too impulsive (a 'plan' is necessary for a lot of things in life). That's all what I could think of for right now ... ;)

Jade Wildfury

hmm i hate it when ppl repeat themselves over and over again.. uve send it once now let it go:mad:

Jason Bilgemartin

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Mine, When people post random stuff on Facebook that no one else cares about. ex. about to take shower, about to eat, about to watch tv ect. ( not trying to offend anyone lol), people weaving in and out of traffic, people driving 20 miles over the speed limit, excessive cussing, and many more thing.

Rose Sunslipper

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i hate when feet touch me, if i'm sitting on a couch, i get that couch square DON'T YOU DARE sit a little on my side, i hate when i'm sitting in math and i hear *click click click click click click* why the heck are we allowed to use calculators? i also hate when someone is whispering about you...cause sorry to say it people... but looking at me then whispering.. then looking again is completely obvious.


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i hate chocolate and people who think there so smart. oh and ppl who think there better than me bc uh your A JERK. <not the word i wanna say but im sure a mod or someone can read this
I hate when you're driving & you stop at a stop light & people stare at you like they haven't seen a human before.

I hate it when you're watching a movie & people start talking! It's like they don't wanna watch it. If you don't wanna watch it, don't go see it.

I hate it when peoples rooms are a mess & they ask you to come over. No, I don't want to sit/stand/be near your dirty clothes.