Pirate Books

William Kid

Honorable Pirate
Ok, Its really 2 books and a ballad

1-This one is my all time favorite-THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER

Its a 13 page ballad about a sea captain who angers the powers that be.Its not that long so I'll leave it at that.If you can't endure 13 pages of old english ballad Iron Maiden made a 13 minute song for cliff notes
but Its a classic by Samuel Taylor Coleridge that I think you'll enjoy


If your looking for fiction you won't find it here.A true story about a Dutch East India Company ship named Batavia.The Batavia was the flag ship of the fleet and she was loaded with a kings ransom in treasure when she set sail on her maiden voyage to Java.A mad man and some disgruntled sailors hatched a plan for mutiny and to seize the treasure.It might have worked if the Batavia hadn't crashed into a coral reef on some small islands near Australia.250+ people washed ashore.Its just to bad the mad man was one of them and the nightmare was just starting.
This is a very well written book that kept me turning pages


This one is about me
so its got to be good.The book is very interesting and well written.Its another true story about William Kidd the pirate of legends and folklore or is he.This book tells what really happened to this man during a three year odyssey aboard his Adventure Galley.He faced Royal Navy Commanders,East India Company(booo hiss) captains,storms,starvation,angry natives, and above all else real flesh and blood pirates.
Give it a read I think you'll like it.I know I did

William Kid