Pirate Dj On Deck!!!

Nathaniel Redhayes

Pirate Apprentice
Its a Pirate DJ life for me!! hello everyone , im happy to be a member of Piratesforum.com. Please let me share tail about me self mateys..
Pirate DJ ? you ask... well im just that as i host a live music stream open to the Pirate Public. i stream song be request given to me Via Whisper in game. Because it is a live Music stream that means any Pirate of the 7 seas can tune in and here the same broadcast at the same time. so for there is one other Pirate DJ i would like to mention Nathaniel Ropemorris AKA DJ Rope was once my apprentice and now a truly honored Pirate DJ. Out Music stream Links are found on the Caribbean Nightlife Guild Promoting Web page.


Caribbean Nightlife: Started Dec 22, 2010 Caribbean Nightlife is a new Service based Web page, it is open to be viewed be the public and has no requirements or committees. simply there for promoting and sharing event info. if you are a service provider for all Pirates alike then Caribbean Nightlife would like to support you in anyway. We are not a forum basted web page but for new and old guilds needed to connect whit out the hassles of paying for a Domain Name. Can Join and build Guild Outpost Page. Think of it as a starter home page for your guild where you can recruit and Promote as you wish.

POTCO Chatters !!!!! All i can say is WOOHOO!!!! Chatters is a Group of FaceBook Pirates i Created to bring Pirates together. helping each other and making new friends is the key. Also sharing useful or none useful info in a Group Chat setting. if you have a Face Book for your Pirate you are Always Welcome to Join POTCO Chatters. there are currently over 80 Members, and a fine bunch of hooligans they are.


Last of All... about me, Nathaniel Redhayes or K'ue is my more active Pirate. Im a Born Officer with never the need to be a GM, as Nathaniel i represent The Circle Guild in The League of Guilds. there i help out and participate in many fun events, and yes the Meetings too. i started Playing Pirate as Nathaniel back in October of 08, do to personal reasons i stopped playing pirates for a year shortly after that. May New Pirate K'ue is a Officer in The Shadow Blood Guild !! and always serving Guild and Friends as a Pirate DJ brings lots of Joy and fun chat to everyone around me :)
im always welling to train new Pirate DJ's. this excellent skill was something i learned in another Online game Called Uru or Myst Online. There it seemed every other Player was a DJ for Second Life. i have made Pirates of the Caribbean my Hobby. Doing so i host many Games and Events and for most i give away some really good Prizes. Like ! month unlimited Game card codes and 5 dollar Face Book Credits Codes.
If you read all of the above i thank you and look forward to being a part of this awesome Forum. There well be some Great Things to Come to The Caribbean in this New Year. i for One cant wait!!

TY Nathaniel Redhayes (K'ue)