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<<<Please note - this is just a test; probably just gonna delete this thread when done experimenting.>>>​

It's true - there are more Edward Edgemenace's that I've created and leveled, than I can count. Here are some of the most special Edwards.

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1) King Of the Basics 2) 2010 EdEd 3) Little EdEd aka "Pants"
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4) "Big Ed" 5) Blue Belt 6) Invasions EdEd
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7) Some other Ed 8) Original EdEd 9) Oldtimer EdEd
oh crud, forgot to ask ppl not to post here while I play with editing it.

Oh well.

I was going to link each to their entries in the pirates directory, maybe fix the spacing and stuff. Really pretty impossible without TABLE (bbcode) so perhaps it isn't worth the effort.

The "skinny Gilligan EdEds" are classic EdEds. Most Edwards do indeed, look like that...in fact, all of the older ones, except "Pants."

Wanted to see if I could get a really small font and maybe 3 lines of text for each, for their primary weapons, then go on to story time farther below.

Gonna have to think about this some more...
Igor think Igor done CD with them all, LOL, Igor say nice post Ed. Igor thinking Multiplicity in full effect!!
Igor think Igor done CD with them all, LOL, Igor say nice post Ed. Igor thinking Multiplicity in full effect!!

No way! Igor, you've only met Oldtimer (#9 above) and veded (not pictured) and 3 or 4 others (also not pictured.)

I'm not planning on posting all of them...nor even half of them.

1) KotB EdEd was created Spetember 2nd 2009, the day after they raised the notoriety caps. On a 2-week guest pass, I took that Edward from level 1 to level 50 in 14 days. He has Cannon, Sailing, Cutlass and Pistol mastered - no other weapons unlocked. He is the piratey pirate!

2) 2010 EdEd is one of the pirates I've made this year (note the "new" uniform) then all but forgotten, once fully mastered and boss battle complete.

3) "Pants" is my most impressive Edward for a variety of reasons. He was the very first pirate in the entire game to solo the boss battle without cheating - back when the boss battle was actually really difficult; July 5th, 2008. He got the most amazing clothing drop in the game around that time - the blue circus pants (which I've only ever seen on 1 other pirate, who has left the game.) Clothing drops back then were amazingly rare - way less than 1 per 100,000. It was very hard to even notice you got a clothing drop - it would appear as any other treasure - not to be discovered until visiting a tailor. Hi is still the GM of "Driver's Education."

4) "Big Ed" was my first unlimited pirate. Created February 2008, he is the pirate you see on the leaderboards for top 100 pirates of all time (ships sunk, enemies defeated, poker, blackjack.) He was the first pirate in the game to have a full deck of cards - originally the spades 3-ace could only be obtained from the Black Mack quest on Port Royal. Being "classic" EdEd body type, he has the most hours played, of any Edward. This is the Edward Edgemenace that came in first place in the privateering contest.

5) Blue Belt Ed got the very last of the original clothing drops in the game - the blue belt he is wearing, he got in March of 2009 while mastering grenades on Kingshead. But he has been rarely used since he mastered (at noto 40) coming out only for a rare invasion or two.

6) Invasions EdEd was the EdEd I used most while in FP and was also my first pirate to fully re-master to noto 50 w/ all weapons 30.

7) Another Edward created on a guest pass, then forgotten when fully mastered.

8) Original EdEd was created Nov 2007 and is possibly the only Edward I have now, that has always been only a basic member. (Ironically, KotB Ed was unlimited.) This is the Edward that has been there since the beginning. This is my EdEd that to this day, leads all other Edwards in JAIL STATS. (Used my son's approximate age for registration - had no idea how stupid and idiotic Disney's chat filter is.)

9) Oldtimer Ed was created shortly after Original Ed, left at level 1 for years - he was the separate account created for the "Parental Controls" (as directed by Disney when I called them) that was just a placeholder for a very long time. This summer (2010) after Cheat Engine was disabled (because they finally disabled hack-speeding) I got him his long awaited subscription...
EDIT (Nov 11, 2010 5:13 PM):
Another common name for "Big Ed" (#4) is "Carrot EdEd" or just "Carrot." One day on Tortuga, lurking around for a boss battle, got bored and went into the tailor shop and found a wild variety of clothing drops - 3 that I had no idea he had. Put on the electric bright green cap, the stadium-bright orange shirt, some orange-ish pants and walked outside on Tugabassa to see who would laugh first. The first person that saw me screamed "OMG YOU LOOK LIKE A CARROT" and the name stuck. (Took me an hour to stop laughing, myself. She was right.)
Igor think we best get shooting then :cool: LOL Igor finger going to fall of after all the Eds

Houseguests talking about leaving soon. I won't do cannon defense on more than 15 Edwards though. The low level Edwards just don't need revenant rams. And I'm not trying on basic accounts again, any time in the forseeable future.
Thats a lot of Ed's running around, reminds me of Ed, Edd, and Eddy.lol Thanks for sharing your pirate history very interesting to read how each came about. Really enjoyed it! :)
LOL that is funny. I only have three pirates... one that is like a level 14 or something from when my kid and I shared a character... he has not showed his face on the game in a long long time. The Sven and another one I use on the test server.