Pirates Beware Jolly is about!

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    I seen him with me own eye. I was lost in the catacombs and split from me crew.
    Running from skelitons I turns a corner and there he be. Big ugly and snarreling at me. Gave me a fright of me life he did. Sceered me right out of me eye patch and almost messed me circus breeches. I be thinkin I be a goner so's I tossed some siege at em.
    Jolly just laughed. But he didn't kill me. so's I ran. Ran an ran an ran... an ran some more...
    I don't even knows how I gots to me ship but got me to Tortuga and beelined to teh tavern to get me some rum an tell me true story to all pirates who listen.
    Don't be goin in the catacombs alone.

    Jolly is waitin to take yer bones.
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    You still have One good eye at your age ??? lol