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Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, the forums have been updated this weekend. While the overall look and feel of the forums should remain familiar, this is actually a major update of the underlying platform with many changes both large and small.

I greatly appreciate any feedback regarding the appearance and functionality of the site. There may be a few things left to sort out over the next couple of days, as this is the first major update to the forums in many years. Please let us know if you experience any issues.

A (non-exhaustive) list of changes is available below.


Streamlined appearance

The overall look and feel of the forums has been streamlined. The forums should be much easier to use on modern mobile devices.

Push notifications

Push notifications are now available on supported desktop and mobile devices. If enabled, you will receive push notifications when you have a new alert or unread conversation. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, both Safari on Mac and all iOS browsers do not support this feature right now. An update to these applications may introduce support in the future.

Emoji support

Emojis are now supported site-wide, and may be used in threads, posts, profile posts, conversation messages, and elsewhere.


The previous like system has been expanded to support additional reactions. Negative reactions do not impact (increase) a user's reaction score.

Enhanced media embedding

The automatic media embedding system has been significantly enhanced, and now supports embedded media from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Imgur, Pinterest, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more.

"What's new" and "Find threads" systems

The content discovery tools have been updated and expanded with new features. The "What's new" system combines previous tools to aid in keeping up with new content, and enhances them with improved filtering capabilities. The "Find threads" system provides quick links to various global thread lists.

Content bookmarking

A content bookmarking system has been introduced. You may now bookmark posts by clicking the bookmark icon in the top right corner to save them to your account bookmark list for future reference. You can use notes and labels to keep your bookmarks organized.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is now supported on the forums. You may use a mobile app or email verification to help protect your account.

Quick threads

Threads can now be created directly from the top of the thread list, making the process of creating new threads much simpler.

Rich text support for profile posts and comments

Profile posts and comments now support the same full rich formatting abilities as posts and conversation messages.

Profile post comment improvements
  • Profile post comments now appear in the latest activity feed
  • Profile post comments now appear in search results
  • Profile post comments can now be reported
  • Inline spoilers are now available in rich texts
  • Tables can now be created in rich texts
  • Additional information is now available when URLs are posted in rich texts
  • The post editing interface has been improved
  • The attachment system no longer requires Flash to upload multiple files
  • A share icon is now available on posts for sharing links to individual posts on various platforms
  • The avatar system now supports retina (high-DPI) displays
  • Password strength checking is now available when creating and updating account passwords
  • Various other improvements and long-standing bug fixes
Known Issues
  • Medals are currently unavailable. They will return next month.
  • Albums are currently unavailable. They will return in the coming months.
  • Pirate Profiles are currently unavailable. They will return in the coming months.
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