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You heard about it, now it is time to live the legend!.

Many pirates made their nominations to over 60 nominees, pirates all over the world cast their votes and voices, and at the end - - only one pirate was was able to survive this massaccer of votes. for the title of Savvy Swashbuckler title nomination vote.

With the growing number of memberships on Pirates Forums many of you might not be familiar with past events held in a prior time, so here is more information with details about what happened at the time pirates all over the world came together and put their names to cast a vote for their nominees.

We streamed down all the votes, and Captain Star won our nomination contest.

It is time for us all to back our nominee and cast your vote once more, and make history this year on the new Swashbukler nomination officially on pirates online.

Here is a quote from the orginal announcement:

62 pirates cast their votes, and they spoke LOUD and clear, to nominate and choose the Savvy Swashbuckler nomination in 2011.
read here for more info: https://piratesforums.co/threads/savvy-swashbuckler-winner.2399/

Also you can witness once again, our votes here: https://piratesforums.co/threads/savvy-swashbuckler-nomination-results.2255/

It is our intention to nominate Captain Star for official pirates forum, and pirates online nomination of Savvy Swashbuckler.

We ask all our members to back us up, on this nomination, our intension is to make our voices in the forums be heard, and new exciting and more great events will be coming in the future and we will be able to continue to sponsor and nominate our members on the forums, it is a great honor for me that pirates from pirates forums get a nominatation and it is my hope that we win!.

Please note that you are no obligated to vote for our official nominee. But is our hope that you back us up!. And show your support for the community. As anyone could have really been nominated, and more pirates will be nominated as we go along.

How to vote for our nominee

Go here: http://piratesonline.go.com/#/news_blog/entry/savvy_sawshbucklers#comments

Enter Pirate Name - Captain Star from Spania.

There are a million reasons why Captain Star can be nonimated, if you can think of your own go ahead and add that, if not here are some reasons:

She is always there to help
She has been selflessly helping pirates and continues to do that all the time
She is dedicated to pirates online and has always been there for anyone that needs her
She constantly helps on whatever she can
She is just plain awesome

Any other reason you can think of.

Which island she likes - Port Royal

Be sure to cast your vote!. Will you help us?

*This is a special event thread, comments that are not helpful will be removed.
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