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So as the title says it so well, this post was made for you to post your amazing ideas of signatures you would like to have me make for you.
So just post the signature you would like, as text, and I'll make it for you! :)
What if I don't have any ideas?
Oh man Will, you would be the most popular pirate on the caribbean...I need help with mine. I hand drew it and then scanned it. Edited it with inkscape...I have no computer graphics package. Please help!

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To Misty: I guess I'm gonna have to make one :D
To Molly: You don't have to name them Will, just take a screen of your pirate, upload it here, and tell me what you want me doing.

To Raven: What exactly do you want me to do with this awesome image?
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Hey Will, I dont know if you can make it standard signature size 200x500...would like to see something with and and excitement in background. Thank you!
will i would have already posted my pics but im having trouble finding eques some pants for the pic.lol