Pirate's New Year Resolutions *january 05, 2011*


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Now that the winter festivities are over, Pirates look to what the future holds. What resolutions do you plan to hold true to this new year?
Do you plan on attending every GM event to find out the latest news and goings-on in the Caribbean? Will your resolution involve Mastering a specific weapon or leveling up a Skill? Do you vow to sink your first EITC Treasure Fleet?
Tell everyone what you plan to do in 2011!

Source: http://piratesonline.go.com/#/news_blog/entry/pirate_s_new_year_resolutions
But I like Tacos LOL

LOL i think everyone does but don't think you should eat too much of them....
EDIT (Jan 7, 2011 at 8:26 PM):
My new year resolution is to try and master and master dagger as well... not max gold ( That will never, ever happen. Trust me. )
humm, ive maxed gold too many time lass, but then again, i dont need lots of clothes, kinda partial to the one outfit till they offer something better, and from what ive seen, that aint gonna happen! now the famed wepons, thats another story!:flag:
umm.. potions.. only thing left to master.. but I'm not making any promises there.. but in the new year.. my quest for the black corset continues!:daggermouth: