"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" (05/20/11)

Captain Jack Sparrow sets sail today in a new action-packed adventure that finds him crossing paths (and swords) with the legendary pirate Blackbeard and his barbarous crew aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge!

While searching for the fabled Fountain of Youth, Jack runs into a few old acquaintances such as the indestructible Captain Hector Barbossa and the enigmatic Angelica – all while contending with the notorious and terrifying Blackbeard.

Experience the exciting fourth film, then seize Blackbeard’s sword for yourself and sail into Pirates of the Caribbean Online to battle the Queen Anne's Revenge!


Will Nightwolf

Legendary Pirate
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Other than the sword and mermaids theres not really anything else in the 5th movie they could add. I mean they could add the fountain but since we never die it'd be pointless


Wiki Staff
I Saw it and Loved it! Its the best Movie i ever saw in my life and they left it on a Cliff Hanger so i think they are going to make more. If you have not seen it yet you have to go see it and 3D was Awesome!