Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Videos

Is it just me or do the graphics in the video Upgrade To Unlimited Acess look awesome compared to the actual game :p

Yup - they aren't playing the actual game, they are playing with the Panda3D models. Like the way they are sailing the Black Pearl on the high seas near Devil's Anvil? Battling enemies of rooftops? Kicking enemies, haymaker attacks. Love the cannons on "Who is Jolly Roger" on the Spanish skeleton ship at 0:49. Weapons in left hand (especially while swinging from ship to ship.) Dozens and dozens of other things that aren't in the game, in those videos...and graphics WAY WAY WAY better than high graphics here.
Wow, I haven't seen the bulwark or greyhound flagship in years. Miss them bunches. So many things bring back memories there - the fire and smoke coming off the ships. The planks flying in the air when a ship was hit. Ships that didn't incorrectly have "outer hull" damage points. Take cover that protected your crew, instead of incorrectly making your ship invincible. Being able to see and talk to people on other ships nearby. Ships moving at normal speeds.

Man, what a plethora of good memories.

I wish u could still do that glitch in the video that would be sweet :) i would get on a navy ship and start getting people mad lol by attacking phantom ships :p
Fun videos Will! I wish I could repair a ship that fast, like in the last one LOL. Thanks for sharing, that was fun!