Pirates Online Closed For Maintenance

Rose Sunslipper

Site Founder
We are sorry! Pirates of the Caribbean Online is temporarily closed for maintenance from 3:15 PM PDT and will reopen at 4 PM PDT. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience!
EDIT (Feb 11, 2011 at 3:18 PM):
dunno ._.

Misty Moonlight

Site Founder
I kept getting a rusty sword. I would leave it in the loot bag and go to the next enemy. I would get another loot bag, and guess what was in it?? Yup, another rusty sword! Happened about 5 times, and then I switched oceans.

But you will soon run out of oceans as there are less to teleport to now! You know, the closer community and all. Everyone needs to share the rusty sword loot and feel each others pain in getting it. Foulberto has nothing compared to my mood today! I am Foulmisto today! J/K

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
lol i didnt want to stay in an empty cave and have a chance at my pirate getting glitched just to stay on for an hour during mantinence
surprised they didnt boot people though they just said log off hope they actually add something good could care less about test server for me though i got a ban