Video Pirates Online working on mobile (theoretically )


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I managed to use the controller map I used from my post about controllers from pirates online along with steam link on mobile to get the get game functioning on a phone. Now, I could have made it fully wireless with a bluetooth controller, but I do not own one of those, so I was tethered to my computer. If you are able to do this with a bluetooth controller, you could technically go mobile (as long as you are connected with your wireless network)

Demonstration of pirates online on mobile:


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This is awesome, and IMO exactly the type of content this forum needs. I'm so happy people are still being inventive with this game.

There was a thread about this a few months ago where I gave reasons as to why TLOPO on a phone isn't totally feasible (yet). Nonetheless I'm surprised how responsive the game is on a phone. Your way is about the same as how VR works, you have the processing happening on a computer but the visuals/controls are wired back to the computer. What would be really cool is if you put this in a VR headset for your phone and ran the game splitscreen. All we need now is a first person FPSCamera.

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TLOPO on mobile would be great, because i recently moved to somewhere really rural and all we can get is a sattelite internet plan that has limited internet so i cant really play online, but i have unlimited data with this plan so i could play on my tablet all i wanted. Its a great idea and its possible but it will take time and effort lots of it.