Player Owned Islands

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CAUTION: Lots of text up-ahead.

Welcome to my thread.
On this topic we will discuss "Player owned Islands".:cool:

Table of Contents
I: Introducing myself
II: What is a Player owned Island?
III: Why is this a good idea
IIII: Closing and Credits

I: Introducing Myself.

Me, myself I do not play Pirates of the Carribean Online. (Anymore). Although, I do love to contribute and talk to players that do play. I love Pirates , and I love pirate related games. I have quit PotCO, for the following reasons;
  • You need constant membership to enjoy.
  • Recent bugs
  • Has less to give to lower-levels/free to play.
I know, not everything people will agree with. We all have a different opinion, and I am fine with that. Tell me what you do, and do not like in this thread. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to let everyone know.
The reason I like giving ideas to games of all types, is because I may not like the content. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. But giving your opinion is no problem.
So here is mine I hope you enjoy it. Have fun reading my wall of text.

II: What is a Player owned Island?
A player owned island is a island run by people like us. An island that can be "player-owned" must be remote. For example; Driftwood Island. Their is no life, just monsters/animals. This will be a (A guild alliance is more than 1 guild that are allies). The ranking chart will look like this:​
--------Monarch <--- Leader of the Guild Alliance​
-------First mates <-- First(Best) Mates.​
------ /_______\
-------Loyal Dukes​
------Other Guild​
---Alliance Members​
The reason for a "Guild Alliance" is to make sure that not just ONE guild is getting a whole island. The island can not be runned by for example; 50 people in a guild. An alliance can help both, economy and defense.​
A opposing guild alliance may attack a island only twice a month.​
  • Both guilds must have a minimum 50 pirates. (If the Owning guild alliance has less the island will be un-owned after 2 days).
  • Opposing guilds must have a minimum of 25 Pirates ONLINE during the war hours. (If less the guild that has under 25 pirates will be withdrawed, after 30 minutes in the war.
  • Both Monarchs MUST be online during the battle
  • Wars will take a maximum of 3 hours, and a minimum of 1.
  • The attacking guild must deposit 25,000 Gold in-order to provoke a war (The more you deposit the higher morale you will recieve!)
  • Both guild alliances MUST have a minimum of 100,000 Gold bank.
  • If an opposing guild alliance loses the war, the guild bank will be given to the opposing team.
  • If the guild that owns the island wins the war, the island will stay the same and each guild-member that contributed will have a split of the winnings
Morale Bar: Equal Gold deposit

Morale Bar: Guild; A deposits 10% more gold.

Deposits can only go up to 40%.

Intro: After each guild alliance deposits their gold amount, it is time for round 1. This includes a Blockade in a remote area with only your Guild alliance's boats and the opposing guild. For this example, each alliance has a morale of a equal amount.

The blockade will consist of the boat your guild bank supplies you.
The Monarch can decide what boats to buy with your guild bank money.

A has 200,000 Gold bank
Purchases: 4 Ship of Line , 5 Galleons , 18 War sloops.

B has 200,000 Gold bank
Purchases: 4 Ship of Line , 18 Galleons , 5 War sloops,
Each boat does NOT have to be filled until maximum limit. Each boat MUST have atleast 3 people on a boat.​
Team A decides to be aggresive and sends 8 war sloops ahead.​
Team B just happens to sink all the sloops with only losing 5 Galleons.​
Still the SAME!​
Morale can only be defeated when the Ship of Line is destroyed.​
Some-how Team A destroys one of Team B's Ship of Line​
Round 1 ends and Team B has 1 ship of line left and Team A has 2 left.​
That means, for round 2 Team A will have a higher advantage when fighting.​
BREAK TIME: 15 Minute Break​
ROUND 2: Undead Fight​
Intro: Like Jolly-Rogers invasion, Team A's monarch will set-up boundaries (blockades). Where it is being placed, the Monarch and First Mate will decide.​
The fight has begun, Team B wants to win the island.​
They protect their Monarch and he sends his 50 troops to attack. (If either guild does not have the minimum requirment for the war, bots will be sent out for 30 minutes until either guild has enough players. 'if neither do the war is off'.)​
The Monarch has 3 lives, each trooper has 5.​
Team A; loses 25 of there troopers and the Monarch has died twice.​
Team B; has the higher morale now.​
BREAK TIME: 15 minutes​
ROUND 2.5: Each team will fight again, the morale will be the same as previous.​
The attacking guild alliance can now loot chests.​
Loot recieved​
  • Driftwood
  • Ammo
  • Extra health
  • Extra life
  • Warp-to-a-teammate
After round 2.5 the battle has ended.
The team with the HIGHEST morale WINS!

Team B takes the loot, and kicks Team A out of the island.

You cannot;
  • Request a war after a guild alliance has taken an island.
  • You must wait 7 days (1 week)
Team B recieves the entering fee (25,000) and receives the gold Team A has entered in. (100,000).
Each contributor recieved a share of the gold. (YAY!:woot:)

The Monarch has the ability to build, building and do what-ever the heck he wants!

You may add your own flag , and can cast it on your boat during wars.
III: Why this is a good idea
Well, you made it through the humongous wall of text. Now, I won't be bias since this is my idea. Ive thought this through and found whats good and whats bad.

  • Much more expansion and fun towards both Pay-to-play members and free-to-play.
  • Ability to have freedom throughout your whole island.
  • Help during team-work
  • Make tons of gold and supplies
  • Lag during battles
  • You need a-lot of gold
  • I cannot think of many at-the-moment. Please post if you have any!
Of-course we shouldn't expect this to come out tomorrow. Not even next month, maybe not even next year! We can only hope.
IIII: Credits
My keyboard
My brain
My computer


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ok imagine if only 10 guilds wanted there own island it would cause the disney people to be stressed and go crazy . i mean they couldnt handle the outages but imagine having to make just 10 more islands but there are thousands of guilds out there so this wouldnt work. it would cost to much money for disney wich in turn would make us pay more to play. and if this did happen it would cause alot of lag and glitches and problems that would need to be fixed and disney just couldnt handle all the work.
Let's play nicely guys.

This is an interesting topic and I'd hate to see it derail.

You've put a lot of thought into this. I am not a big fan of the war concept, but it seems to be more of a PvP-driven system (instead of drama-driven).. I don't care for PvP much but it would make for an interesting addition for sure.

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I honestly didn't read, nor understand all of it. Seems like a lot of thought went into it though, and the part I did read I thought was a good idea. I get bored with guilds pretty quickly so this sounds fun.
im yes and no yes id like to have a isle for my guild and i but no i would not want it attacked thats what pvp and svs is for that part is pretty lame id like it if you could have the isle to be a main spit for your guild and friends that people couldnt get to that didnt know you kind of like a house on other games but.. a isle and just make it 1 isle that is different depending on who ports there


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Great job! You did put meticulous details on it. Here is what I think:

*It sounds like your suggestion wants to take the game to a whole different level. It reminds me of "Napoleon Total War" and "Sid Meier's Civilization". But in those two strategy games we are the mastermind who run the entire country. We order the infantry to go here, the cavalry to there, the ships to go here, and the opponent will answer with their own strategy. We macro-manage the game; we do not become each one of the soldier on the ground who's going to the war. Now in this game, you basically suggest that we become each individual soldier on the ground who actually does the war. You suggest that we micro-manage how the war goes.

*Looking at that perspective, I can imagine that this requires a LOT more work on the game developers' end than what you probably think of. There are so many variables that can change and has to be designed in order to make your suggestion a reality. Almost like incorporating the Total War concept into the Pirates game (2-in-1), that it should be a whole different game. Imagine that there has to be a system where a guild can group up and pick an option to own an island, and communicate that with another guild. Then another system that allows a guild to communicate within their guild to determine who is doing what role. Then each role has to have a system to pick their own weapons and strategy. Then there has to be a system to communicate with the opponent/enemy, and how the war will proceed and the reward system, etc. You are talking about a MASSIVE overhaul ... It's a creative idea and very well thought, but I don't see that this will be applicable at all for Disney. It's just not the area that Disney would want to 'touch', since it involves money, time and energy. "Profitability" is the big word here.

*Since it is a very creative idea, there has to be a way for you to communicate this idea (read: to sell it) to a game developer company out there. Compare it with Red Dead Redemption online where you can micro-manage your own character, then play online with other people and group up with them to achieve a goal. It has to be a brand new game though, since there area so many variables involved to be designed. Now THAT would be profitable for a game developer company to work on. But don't give up and don't let this idea stop just as a "talk". If you have a lot of ideas, then you can pursue them as a career and make them reality!

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lol i am so happy i started a new thread (unless u didnt read the one i posted and if u didnt sad face) anyways you had almost the same thoughts as i did

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actually i love the idea and they ( disney ) could make this happen in say maybe an extra island on test??? give it it's own color so pirates don't just plop down into it.... the war concept though would be a tough sell, although if a guild should want to settle a grudge this would be an ideal way to solve it...with a different colored ocean say gray in color so that everybody would knoew this particular ocean is where you can be attacked to anybody or anything... just an idea to toss out there


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Thanks for the replies.

@Davy ; thanks.

@Chris; thanks for the reply

@Jade; Yes, I noticed that I will take quite a bit of work and ive although thought of being a game designer. Thanks for the reply!

@Captain Hi; I think I read your thread. ^_^ , thanks for the reply.

@Molly; Great idea, never thought of it that way. Thanks for the reply.

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I like it but I think this would be alot of work if you have seen all the lags there have been just becouse of infamity I think utill disney gets an up graded system then this would be cool I man this is an great idea.

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Let's play nicely guys.

This is an interesting topic and I'd hate to see it derail.

You've put a lot of thought into this. I am not a big fan of the war concept, but it seems to be more of a PvP-driven system (instead of drama-driven).. I don't care for PvP much but it would make for an interesting addition for sure.
I do agree with the war now I know this would sound a bit out at where disney is now but think if you could chose what you wanted to be a Pirate or Navy ECT Undead I think undead would be the best becouse for the pirates Jack is the leader sorta and Undead would be Davy Jones I mean this would be an update that came in like 5 years I would be as much work as recreating the whole game but I mean we can dream and you guys have to admit this would be cool I will try to post more later.

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When that poll was made the your own guild island and your own guild ship was onboard and disney havent started doin it yet but its on thier journals im tottaly in for the island AND the wars it will take thegame to a whole new level. But it is kinda hard to pull your guild together for a war. Anyway id love to see an island called spania but right now we r sure the main thing on potcos head is the kraken