please fix those spanish and french undead


Sea Legs
tried to raid an undead flagship then this skeleton attack me with long range and in cutthroat island the spanish undead didn't chase me they end up doing their attack animation and i get damage


Pirate Lord
My guess Is part of this bug comes from the quest " Taboo Doll " which required a Spanish conquistidor ( POTCO ) but was changed to Tomas Blanco by TLOPO . Bug : Tomas counted but Conquistidor didn't , so was easier to change the quest rather then fix that bug ...... lol


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Ahoy noooob812!

The current glitch presented by the Spanish and French Undead's attack range was originally patched, but reverted due to a monotonous amount of separate glitches that the solution to one seemed to have stemmed from.
This will eventually be fixed in time when a better method of patching it has been discovered, however for now I would highly recommend not tussling with them on your lower level pirates. ;)

Fair Winds,