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I know everyone at home has pirate loving fans, and my Penny is no exception, she says i have my own ship, my first mate, parrot Christa, she does the seeing and the talking for me, anyone else want to join me? Hey i even let a cat on board, i am not picky!
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Of course you can join, mommy says, you are her best friend, when you guys start talking the laughing starts, and even christa starts laughing (silly bird laughs just like mom), and all the dogs start barking, its a madhouse here. :cool:
Igor say Igor going sailing with you mate!!! Igor sailing its always an animal house!! :cool:
I love this!!! So cute and adorable and i just want to hug them!!! :D
Wow, lots of cute doggies Bella, quite the family you have there, thanks for sharing. :) Lovebug and Molly would love to join your crew. ;)View attachment 662

Oh Charlotte, they have got to be little boston terriors, or french bulldogs, which? they are ADORABLE, please, keep me away from the pet shop, i dont think i could resist one of those, they are little cutie pies!
EDIT (Nov 17, 2010 11:53 PM):
Lol I got the perfect dog to join ur crew he's an australian shepard and would make a good first mate.

Will, i know you have your hands full, think i would find that Aussie sitting up in the tree with my border collie, heard they were VERY active dogs (not to mention they have such beautiful coloring), most of mine are couch potatoes, thank goodness.:eek:
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