Please Welcome Willko to the Forums

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Sea Legs
Thank you all, I would just like to thank Basil I got the link to these forums threw hes video.

Little bit about myself, I've been playing Potco for about 3 years on and off. I started playing in the summer of 08 but have just recently rekindled my love for the game and came back. I am currently working on my smurf pirate named Willko (thus my forum name) But my main is named Will but that was too generic. I hope to have a great time on these forums and tons of fun so thank you all again for the warm greeting. ;)

I'm also looking for a Guild atm so if any offers just send me a pm. :)


Notorious Pirate
welcome mate its a wonderful-nees time to have ya here! im just gonna make this too long but its not really long itsself it just looks like it so you prolly wont read it but its just a great message. :D
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