Poor Jolly Roger Just Didn't Know

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maybe jolly roger should start sending scouts out to see whats waiting for him on the beach.
if he would have known a large flock of "wrath of ravens " was waiting on the beach and itching for a fight he may have thought twice about coming ashore.
most of them didn't even make to the sand of the shore before being dropped in their tracks.
jolly even sent o'l boss woodworm at us as well. ( don't think i've ever seen this before ) he was dispatch after barely stepping foot on land. i was taken out by a keg runner shortly after woodworm got his. before i could get back in the fray "wrath of ravens" have already sent jolly roger to the promised land. kinda sorry i missed that.
well ya all know us ravens by now. we are not the sort of guild to just sand around, so some of us decided to go mess with navy. messing with navy is always fun and good for a few laughs.
not wanting the EITC to feel left out, we started messing with them too. i really enjoy takeing out all their sails. sort of like pulling wings off flies. as you can tell, i don't care for them much. now before ya start thinking bad things about me, let me tell you this. i read on the forums that some guy in spania did that to ove 20 ships one night and just left them out there to suffer. now that make a good guy cause i sank'm and put them out of their pain. just as we got to port i heard that some boss called general hex was giving one of our members a hard time.
so i was of to see if i could give captain brewster a hand. now this hex guy is a very tuff cookie, so captian brewster and i wipped about 4 times extra just to show him you just don't mess with wrath of ravens. just another day in this great guild.:arrrrr:


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(not wanting the EITC to feel left out, we started messing with them too. i really enjoy takeing out all their sails. sort of like pulling wings off flies.)

Awww I love the way you look at things Red.....you are fun! lol
(not wanting the EITC to feel left out, we started messing with them too. i really enjoy takeing out all their sails. sort of like pulling wings off flies.)

Awww I love the way you look at things Red.....you are fun! lol

Not that I like like flies or anything, but that simile made me twinge, lol.
In the depths of raven's cove alas lived Ben and Cari. It was a quiet peaceful morning, the market was shining, the buildings polished. A rumor grew that there was a dark fleet coming to attack the island. Nobody believed it but me and my small squad who were sent out to fight evil when other island's hopes were dire and low. "I was on the top of my roof looking out at the sea when then i realized a dark figure was approaching." I realized the rumors were true and it was Jolly Roger. I ran back to tell the town and everyone prepared for battle.
As ship of JR moved closer we had more fear then ever. An in a flash undead had appear from the ground all over the beaches of the island. The first thing i saw was the flash of my sword strike an undead across the neck. And in a moment, our forces of possibly 2000 men were charging at the undead. I predicted there was more then 5000 undead coming from all directions of the town. ( I was right. ) I ordered about 50 men to fall back and go up the hill and shoot long range muskets from above. Darkness spread over the whole land and at 3 in the afternoon, the worst had happened.
The undead had found my wife, Cari and executed her and everyone else inside my house. This made me so angry. And in a few minutes after the knowing of death of my wife, Jolly Roger had stepped ashore.
Nobody lived to see the end of raven's cove beauty. I had 2 ships full of men who were ordered to sail out of the wrecked island ( now ) and flee for safer lands. We came to the land of Port Royal ( or the Place of Kings. ) And there, the town had let us into the harbor. We resupplied ammo, got more and better weapons, and recruited more men. We set sail for Tortuga where we stay for a few weeks.

( I made this up as i went along. Hope you enjoy! :) )
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make a new paragraph everytime someone talks it makes it easier to read and also tell who charicters are like Cari you should have said shes ur wife instead of some one getting an idea like hes ur best friend or some random dude
I was nearly 30, a great leader, who lead great people. The battle for Ravens cove was over, we had been defeated. The last of the great allies, still remain in tortuga. Theres still a job left to finish. " I am going to get my revenge on Jolly Roger. " " Even if he has 100 lives! "
On of my close friends, Chris, had also survived the battle. He seems to go mad when he hears Jolly Roger's name. But now and then, often we have been called to war and haven't helped. I thought of what i had seen at Ravens cove, the memories, the weapons the undead had at battle, the well trained men who lost their lives. It all seems like a blur but I remember seeing a small detail. In ravens cove there were weapons hidden on the island, nobody knew about them, thought to be rumor, but to this day thought to myth. I thought they were real. Jolly Roger didn't know about them, so it would have given us a chance to get them.
Then i made the decision i would bring my 7 man squad to ravens cove, at night. Since Jolly Roger attacked, the bosses that were with Jolly Roger on the day of battle, who were defeated, became these strange ghosts that people call Rage ghosts. Known for their invinciblity against many, Jolly roger's armies hide behind rocks and buildings at night to avoid them. I thought it would be the opportune moment to get to the weapons. Since the undead wouldn't suspect anyone invading the island they would most likely just wander about helplessly.
So on October the 12th, we came to Ravens cove at night. Stealth was key, we slowly got our way up to the entrance of the el patron mines. And there, in the wall hiding as camouflage lay the Shards of Narsil. This blade, giving the man who possess it power with extremely high endurance boosts. The sword was forged in the fires of of the Catacombs. Only there could it be destroyed.
Now we had to get out of there alive. Morning was coming, we saw some undead start coming our way, we hid, they passed. We safely got back to our ship along with a fearsome 148 Attack sword.

Hope you enjoy the next 2 parts! :)
Days draw near. The wars come closer. The Enemy grows stronger. What else could possibly be walking upon men's door step? The answers come from spies, who say " Eitc and Navy expedition fleets are coming from England! " At this point in age, Eitc and Navy were not unheard of but were certainly not feared or paid attention to. And of course as you'd expect, Eitc and Navy have come to Ben's attention.

It was not til a fine spring morning that the Eitc and Navy had come to invade a few islands of the Carribean. In a matter of time these islands were heavily armed with Navy and Eitc weapons. The story begins when one Expedition fleet thought it wise to take over Tortuga, a land of free men.

Word had spread that Tortuga was under attack. But what the Eitc Expedition Fleet didn't know was that nearly 10000 men lived and protected Tortuga. The Expedition Fleet did not know this for they thought 400 Eitc soliders would be enough to take over the whole island. On the morning of the Expedition Fleet's invasion they found themselves getting over run... The Eitc sent word to every land and every last Navy and Eitc soldier that they were all called to fight. An important shipment of weapons had come from Kingshead, the bigger fortress ever known to the Carribean. The Eitc expedition fleet who invaded Tortuga waited for the weapons and supplies they needed to capture the entire island. They never arrived. The other Expedition fleets from others islands came but it was not enough.

When the other Expedition fleets arrived it was a brutal war. I was in the middle of the whole war. Some of my men thought i had killed more Navy/Eitc in this battle then the whole Men Alliance combined. Thats how i got my name Ben Badbones. After 3 weeks of intense battle, the war had ended. Eitc/Navy surrendered. Now, as men we are proud to have won against Armada bigger then our own. Not 2 days after the end of the battle we were named " Pirates." The Battle of the Monodas Bay was over.

Hope you enjoyed. The next part will be longer then this.
It was 3 months to the day The Battle of Monodas ended. There are many Pirates whom have now taken glory and honor for Monodas. The darkness of Raven's cove still remains. Jolly Roger has stopped attacking islands. Most people believed he was regrouping. Others thought he died and his undead armies still haunt the reckless land. Nearly a year since the Shards of Narsil were uncovered and taken back.

On October the 31st, a real scare came. Jolly Roger had sailed to and Island called Cutthroat. Spanish dead left by the Spanish Privateer of this island. Jolly Roger thought it would be very useful to recruit an army thats already dead, and are many in numbers. Jolly Roger's army has grown far much larger then any that walks the Earth.

On November 11th, Jolly Roger lead an army into Tortuga. We were taken by complete surprise. Ben badbones, whos sworn revenge on Jolly Roger, did not waste anytime. On the morning of November 12th, all pirates and undead had been released from their positions and were at battle. The undead, whos numbers were well over 20000 strong raged into Tortuga. The remaing 8000 from The Battle of Monodas were not gonna lose a moment of the fight. We fought like demons.

Chris and I were at the front of the battle. Chris had killed many, fought many battles, and won most. During this battle he had some of his fellow pirates help him roll the ship cannons up to the heart of the Battle. This went successfully, but the undead were so many that they ran through the cannons. I had tried something similar and brought back a number of pirates to a secret building on the hillside. Here there were windows for long range shooters. This help us much through the battle.

The date was now Friday the 13th, November. Something bad was believed to happen this day. But it turned out to be unexpected. Chris realized that he could take his fleet and come around from behind Jolly Roger's army. So he did so. Took a half hour to get around to the other side of Tortuga to get into the Bay. And at noon, the undead were shocked. 5 Ship of the Lines had come into the harbor. Each Ship bear as many as 200 Pirates. And as it happened the undead didn't know why all 5 ships turned sideways. The Undead soon figured out that the ships were about to perform a massive broadside. Still The pirates left on the island and the undead fought no matter what was coming from behind they would go every direction to kill every last living Pirate.

As Friday the 13th raged on in intense battle. It seemed to have happened that a stockpile of gunpowdered barrels were sitting on the docks. And well nobody knew what had happened but a huge explosion came from the East side of the beach. The explosion was so big it wiped out nearly 3000 Pirates and undead. As Chris ordered his fleet to land the ships at the beach and attack, everyone still on the island fought onward.

November 14th. There was not much more then 500 Pirates remaining, nor were there much more then 800 Undead alive. I raced forward and found myself fighting about 4 undead at the same time constantly. Luckily my fellow allies were there for my aid. Chris had about the same thing. As an undead swung his sword at him, he jumped/rolled under the sword and stabbed him. He often did these moves the whole 3 day battle.

2 In the afternoon Jolly Roger had finally stepped out onto the beach. The first thing Chris and I did was charge after him. Jolly Roger had about 3 rows of undead around him. Most carrying lethal muskets. My other 2 close friends, Basil Darkratte and Spade, were right behind me. As we fought our way to Jolly Roger the undead's difficulty of fighting through them was much harder.
All 4 of us Pirates kept moving. The rest of the army of Pirates were fighting others. As we finally reached the 3 rows of undead guarding roger, we were under heavy attack. Nearly 40 undead had charged at us. "40 vs 4???!!!" Basil had yelled. "We aren't gonna make it!" Spade said.

We were fighting for life and revenge. I jumped over an undead's sword slash killed him. We kept fighting, using tactical fighting skills. Then, a gun shot loud enough to be heard from a half mile away, raged over the whole battle. I felt a sharp pain come into my upper leg. In an instant i was on the ground. Chris, Basil, and Spade realized i had been hit. As i was on the ground I thought of Cari my wife, who was killed innocently, by a skeleton whom was standing not 20 yards away from me. And the moment I thought of it, I got up real quick and was in a total outburst of rage. I nearly ran right over about 3 undead. In a matter of seconds i was right in front of Jolly Roger. I told Chris, Spade, and Basil to stay back. At first we glared at each other. Then in a half a second i had an up to him and we fought. I finally made a move that tricked him, and i was able to kill him once and for all.

When Jolly roger had fallen I had fallen too i was panting, trying to keep up with time. The last of the undead had been killed. Thankfully i was able to recover. I lived to see the days of peace throughout Tortuga. And out of it all, i got revenge on Jolly Roger. Cari's ghostly distress back on Ravens cove, will now be at peace.

The Battle of Century was now over! Freedom came for pirates. All who had been lost will be remembered.

( Chris, Basil, and Spade, and I are all from the game ) ( Cari is a real life person whom i used in the story. )

Hope you Enjoyed The life and darknesses of Ben badbones.