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Please note: this is not an official application, it is only the heads up of what is coming.

We are removing all GRP (Grass Root Promoter) positions, it was great to have such a great support but I don't think the possition as be very fruitful, on itself. We might bring similar positions in the future stay tune!.

New positions:

Game Video editor/producer
That can produce, or learn how to produce quality videos. Training might be offered for the right candidate(s).​

Graphics Designer
To design forum and custom signatures. Applicant must posses some experience to create graphics with quality and be familiar with pixels.​
The new process will work a little different. And we will take some time to process each and every application, because we will need to get with them, and make sure they can fulfill the position, and/or train them to be able to fullfil the position.
i would be happy to do it as well but no experience the most xp i have is well modding games with apps lol and i cant do any moddling i use kotor tool for kotor 1/2 but thats only for item making haha and i cant redskin either so lol i woud like to learn how to do it tho... idk any apps for redskining so i would like to know the apps and have a video tutorial lol
Not open for further replies.