Possible Sign Of New Gernades

Will Nightwolf

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Remember a year ago you saw the double barrel gun on the desk and the bayonets on the wall. Well they became a real weapon in the game. I noticed a gernade sitting on the table only it didn't look like the only gernade we have. So maybe its a sign of a new gernade to come and maybe the blue means it freezes everything. Don't say no its just decor so fast, like I said the bayonets on the wall used to be decor as well but now there real.
That would be cool to have freeze grenades but that wouldn't work either..... maybe um they um um idk
but if they could freeze things there would be no need for a freeze sword.......
Well we have freezing swords and throwing knives not much point to that as well but we have it.

I don't mean it like that, I mean like if it takes a while to recharge the freeze on my famed sword and it only hits 1 enemy. Grenades hit many at one time and freezes them all. Then you just reload. Of course the could put special abilities on grenades.......
Well it could be like it's a regular gernade until you get enough kills or it charges long enough then it freezes once. Ps other abilities for gernades that I'm gonna guess are cursed ice, cursed fire, cursed thunder, makes all attack miss, not in the face, and maybe if were lucky attack our enemies.
You could be right! I have seen when you throw fire grenades there is a tint of dark red on it. Blue could mean freezing, or like a watery grenade... Maybe a mini wave would crash over the enemies!
Exactly I have no doubt in my mind there gonna make famed gernades as well as staffs eventually and a gernade with the ability to freeze or even use cursed thunder would be awesome.
I like it that your observant like that. Most don't notice things like that. I have a feeling you might be right.
Go with you gut feeling.