Discussion POTCO Fun Facts


This is a little "did you know" thread relating to parts of POTCO like music, models, story, and just really anything that may seem to be interesting. The idea came to me while I was playing through KH2 Final Mix HD on PS3 and noticed some of the models differences when I compared them to the original game.

Starting with Music first off the sailing theme. Did you know that it is a variation of "The Medallion Calls" track from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The digging/searching theme is the last 13 seconds of the same track. In fact most music from the game comes from parts of the first movie's soundtrack. The Character Select screen is based of the track "Will and Elizabeth" and "The Black Pearl" and one of the battle songs used on Tortuga seems to have bits of the "Barbossa Is Hungry"track as well as the famous "He's a Pirate"

Another fun fact is some models for Jack Sparrow and Capt. Barbosa were pulled from archives and enhanced to be used as the in game, non cutscene models in the HD re-make of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix released in 2014. Things such as Jack's hair and Barbossa's beard resemble the models used in POTCO more than the ones that were in the original Kingdom Hearts II the changes are subtle however. It may not be too much of a stretch to say they based the original POTCO models off of what they already had from development of Kingdom Hearts II. Don't hold me to that last bit though the games were released 2 years apart so it's just a possibility.

Feel free to add other things that you might find as cool little trivial tidbits if you want.