Glitch POTCO: Padres Mountain!

Mark Scurvyfox

Ahoy there,

I know this is not a new glitch, but it is the first time I am doing it and it is by far the best in the whole game. I would not named it as a glitch because the only thing you do is to be up to the mountain. Below I have some pictures of my pirate doing it! Both Basic Access & Unlimited Access can do this!


Q: How I can do this?
A: You need to be at least level 3 at potions. In addition you must brew Swift Foot I (5/5)

Q: How I can do swift foot glitch?
A: You can simple follow the instructions on this thread.

Scare pirates hehe :shades:

/bow :)


I used to love the "Take Darky (General Darkhart) down to the beach for a bath glitch"
Or the "Invite Darky into padres Town bar for a drink Glitch" Done with swiftfoot :eek:)

I have heard some brag they actually had Dark Hart on their ship and didn't believe it until I actually witnessed it!
wish I had a picture