Glitch  Potion Glitch

Jack Ironskull

Site Founder
1. click on any potion.
2. make the easiest ingredient. (only one)
3. then click on switch recipe.
4. click on the same potion and make the same ingredient again.
5. do that for how many ingredients it takes to complete it.

ex. growing grog needs Potion extract(red), crab extract(blue), tooth extract(green) and cursed gem(purple).
i done the easiest b/w potion, crab or tooth. since u need all 4 to make it completely.

just make a red ingredient then switch recipe pick the same potion agian then make it agian then start over do that for how many ingredients to make potion. after the last one u should get pop screen sayin u completed the potion.
If you keep pressing switch recipe and repeating a simple ingredient as many times as the total number of ingredients, you will get credit for completing the potion despite not making every ingredient.
Heh well I read it pretty clearly.. just had to think about it for a minute :) I had experienced this glitch previously but never knew the specifics. Guess I'll grab 5 of each potion while I can.. Thanks Jack
I got it to work
insted of doin that just click through potion till it says theres no room would you like to somethin then click continue click same potion and maybe ine or two potions you need to make but the one at the top is the easyest way