Potions issue flipping the ingredients


Sea Legs
Not sure if this is a Mac only bug, but I've had issues with potions for a while now and it seems to never get addressed.

When I'm brewing potions and decide I need to flip the next two ingredients, the cursor hovers the ingredients on the right edge of the potion brewing pile instead of keeping the ingredients hovering over where I flipped the two.

Not sure if that made enough sense if you haven't experienced it yourself, but has anyone else seen this? It's been an issue since the summer at least.


Sea Legs
an example would be myself keeping scorpion stingers on the far right and have a gator tooth and dried bone ready to drop. However, If I needed to flip the tooth and the bone, those two would forcibly move over to the edge where the scorpion stingers are piling up. Then I would have to move my mouse back over to where I was piling the teeth and bones

George Hamilton

Pirate Apprentice
This is a problem I have with right-clicking in general: my cursor jumps right and slightly down. It's been happening for as long as I can remember in this game.


Notorious Pirate
Make sure it is not something to do with your mouse. I had to get a new mouse when I thought it was a game problem till someone told me to try a new mouse.