SvS  Privateering/svs Event 2


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Date, Time, and Server is to updated later on. As of now the plan for this is sometime after the "Feats of strength Competition".
Sounds fun... Do I have to wait for the time and date before I can sign up?
No you can sign up now or later however you can sail a war sloop or war frigate only
im in. captain:corey ship:mystical phoenix Spanish unless spanish is already full.
Ok, I forgot to mention above so i'm gonna say this once for everyone.

You must have at least a crew of 2 gunners to enter so there is a balance between teams and crews. Also this event might be around February 5th so make sure you can attend anytime around that with your crew
Cool so everyone who is registering, Read the rules please and make sure you have a crew of at least 2 gunners during the event before signing up.
Thanks Leo...Sounds like a "blast"
  1. Fighting Minnow
  2. Shamus The Brute
* I will try my best to be there. Returning back to "basic" soon so, I hope it is after this event
. I'll try to check on that...
Igor say Igor want in mate!!
Igor say date and time is going to make a big difference for Igor. Igor will gun for some one though!!
* I will try my best to be there. Returning back to "basic" soon so, I hope it is after this event :flag:. I'll try to check on that...

Yep...I should be able to participate, Leo. Checked my account details & won't be basic until February 19!
Cannons don't sink ships. PIRATES with cannons sink ships!
I'll gun or steer for anybody needing me.
Sailing and gunning, 2 different things lol. If you are sailing or are a captain of a ship you must register your ship name and pirate name here. Read the requirements above if you are a captain than register.

If you are a gunner however make sure your captain is registered so you know who you will be with and that you will be participating... Read the poster thingy above for better explanation.

Also this goes to all, 2 gunners is the least you can have. This doesn't mean you cannot have more than 2. How many gunners you want is up to you however to enter you need at least 2. The bigger the crew the better your luck will be.
This is the list of the teams as of now(in no particular order):

1.Mystical Rose - Rose Sunslipper and crew/friends
2.Black Warrior - Sam Sunskull and crew/friends
3.Morning Thunder - Joseph Ironskull and crew/friends
4.Crimson Widow - Kingcrazy and crew/friends
5.Shadow King - Davy Fireskull and Guild

1.Wicked Raider - Davy Burnrat and crew/friend/guild
2.Golden Lion - Leo and crew/friends
3.Fighting Minnow - Shamus the Brute and crew/friends

As of now the date and time is Saturday February 5th around 8 pm Eastern. Server is to be updated days before the event. If you have any problem with the date please post it here.

Thank You