Profile Glitch

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What happens when you wait the 26 seconds. I know it does have a delay in so if you do some kind of post or something you have to wait a minute before you can do another one. Whenever this happens to me I just wait a minute and hit the post button again and it goes in fine.
To prevent flooding, you are limited to performing certain actions every so often. If you continue to experience this message after waiting, let us know.

A little offtopic, but on the note of Profile Glitches, I am aware that when you try to save your "Personal Details" it will say an error occurred. Despite the error, everything was saved correctly. I will look into fixing that problem this weekend.
The error occured thing happend to me too I though it was weird, but everything was saved so it was ok in the end.
At the moment whenever you click forums you cant see home members forums help, but when u click a link on the forums it comes back.
More visible updates are coming later this weekend with updates to the new style. Additionally, we are working on allowing you to add your pirate's details to your profile.

Closing since this is fixed, please open another thread if you have a suggestion or feedback.
Not open for further replies.