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Pvp Tournament: A awesome pvp tournament hosted by Will Darkmonk is soon to come. All contenders are welcome to participate. There will be multiple winners of this tournament because if you enter you will pvp people within a 5 notoreity level differnce at most.
Rules: No Tonics Period[none allowed period]
No Blunderbusses[I want to see who has the best skill not biggest gun]
No God Glitching Or Using Potions Prior To Match
Be On Time I Will Watch Every Single Match
Prize 10,000 gold per each winner
How To Apply:please leave me a message by starting a convo lets not fill up this forum with 100 I'm ins.
I will decide the matches and post them do not complain I am pairing you up at random
Please be patient a tournament take time to prepare unless I get a lot of requests immidieatley it may take a while.
i wants to play :eek:
EDIT (Oct 22, 2010 1:48 AM):
nvm im out he uses doll and broad and gun so he dont die wich means the tornament is fixed in a way

How is the tournament fixed? I use the weapons potco gave me to beat my enemies because they work your a jumper and I beat you 5 to 1 clearly your ways in pvp arent working.
cuz u fight in a way u CANT lose by using doll and if im not mistaken u used a tonic to and that technically dq's u as well and if it was just plane cutlass vs cutlass id win
LOL well first your gotta post the rules what can be used or what not I think, that way there are no confusions, if you want everything to be used, you should of specify also
Helga says so it is a contest of who has the biggest sword? Helga says how lacking in skill and oh so masculine (Helga is reminded of the Washington Monument, the Eifel tower, etc). Helga would think a great PVP'er would be able to use any weapon, considering doll is unattuned by dagger, and dagger follows when thrown. (And Helga also says don't bother challenging Helga to pvp, she is not interested in Phallic debates.)

ok lets not argue about what is fair or unfair in a pvp if you want to join my tournament let me know if not maybe next time.
Totally in, lets make another rule, NO VOODOO xD. Even tho I'm pretty low level atm cuz I just got terminated and had to make a new account -_____-
EDIT (Nov 11, 2010 9:27 PM):
Im lv 16 tho with lvl 20 sword and lvl 5 dagger