Queen Anne's Revenge Sets Sail ( on test ) 5/9 update

Captain Star

Fantabulous Administrator
Release Notes - May 9, 2011

  • Updates:
    • Added new NPC dialog
    • Queen Anne's will slow when sails/masts are damaged
    • Tattoo inventory has been divvied up between all the shops
    • Added additional loot when all waves of the Queen Anne's has been defeated
    • Adjusted the 'Wave' HUD for the Queen Anne's Revenge battle

Captain Star

Fantabulous Administrator
From what I can tell, the new bosses are there, but not the QAR, as there is no notice when you sign in. As for the bosses, do not get too excited... they give the same junk as Darkhart :sad1:

Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl
I guess it's way too much to wish for the QAR to show up as much as it does on test XD :oops:
Yep, unfortunately so. The QAR will show up randomly like the invasions and the fleets. Who knows when the first sailing of the QAR will be. However, I know it will be a mess. Everyone and their mother will be out there trying to get the QAR.

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Lag will be so extreme even people with the Alienware computers will be lagging like mad...... Espeically in like Abassa, and if Andaba even becomes ideal then Andaba will be lag central.