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Pirates of the Caribbean Online was written in Python and built on top of the Panda3D game engine. They had their own networking framework called the Open Theme Park server (often referred to as the OTP server). From what I understand and have seen from the available lectures online, they had libraries for the OTP server in Java, Python, and C++ (possibly more languages, not exactly sure).

The Panda3D game engine is open - sourced and you can take a look if you want here. As for TLoPO source code goes, it's completely off limits to those outside of the game development team. I don't think there's a chance we'll be able to see that code as they have plans to keep the source code private for various reasons. If you really would like to look at something similar to the PotCO source code, you can look at the 2013 ToonTown client dump found here. Although it isn't PotCO, the games were both built upon the same game engine and built around the same back end networking system(s) and framework(s).

If you have any more questions regarding the topic, feel free to ask me and I'll be sure to answer to the best of my ability! :D
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This may be overkill, but I'd like to reiterate what Xamarin said (and the following is not solely aimed at the OP) -

The TLOPO source code is not view-able publicly, and never will be as long as TLOPO remains up and running. The basic reason for this is TLOPO's security as well as player security. This is not up for debate for any portion of the source, whether the client side (written primarily by Disney) or the server side (written 100% by TLOPO developers).