QUESTION - How does ammo affect drops?


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If the system for drops is truly it first decides how many items are in your loot, and then decides what type of items are going to be in your drop [clothing, weapon, ammo, collectibles etc.], then wouldn't using stuff like silver shot on DH to kill him faster lessen your chance of getting a famed/legendary?

I see lots of major looters around the game using ammo to kill him faster when searching for legendarys and it throws me off. I understand killing enemies faster means more loot drops, but does that counteract the fact that ammo will be in their loot more often and not lower the chances of a good drop?

Also do completing all collectible quests mean that collectibles will be dropped more often, also creating less of a chance to get a good drop?


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I think loot is just random there's probably no way to increase or decrease your chances of getting good items
The collectible quests to my knowledge only give you 1 weapon at the end of the quest I don't think it effects what loot is dropped for a person...
Looting is just a random drop from what I gather. Some people get good loot quicker than others do and some just don't get anything good for months on end just depends on the loot drops and where you are whenever your looting..


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While I'm not particularly sure as to the algorithm used in deciding what is added to the pool of a loot container, I have spent many a time on four separate characters, all with different variables that alter loot in a variety of ways, my third highest (now at 42) hasn't touched Doll, Staff, or the Collectibles quests.

To my knowledge, there aren't too many things that are affected by the collectible drops, and while there are loot pools that improve by a very small margin due to lacking a faction-specific collectible (such as Navy/EITC Opponents and the Navy Medals collectibles), I'm not sure it makes enough of a difference in an overall statistical test to create a gap in finding more rare weapons.

In regards to Ammunition, I believe that Ammunition is considered in 'loot speak' as a collectible of sorts, hence is why it appears as often as collectibles, if not more, but tends not to replace weapon/clothing in Chests/Skull Chests. I could be entirely wrong, but I'm starting to learn that the ammunition drops tend to have no real effect on loot, even on a large scale.