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Hi everyone it's me Redhorn! I am wondering how to make your picture so it looks like your pirate, how you can say your a member instead of a swashbuckler, and how to change the spelling of your name. Please help me with this! :)
The spelling of your name has been fixed, be sure to use the new name when you login.

To make your avatar look like your pirate, you can simply take a screenshot and crop it, and upload it.

You can change your title, by posting on this site, and earn ranks, by posting and participating, the title gets changed automatically please see all the ranks you can get here and also you can see a related post here.
Ahoy Captain Redhorn,

You may take screenshots (pictures of the game) by pressing F9. The screen will display where they are saved. You may open them in Microsoft Paint to crop them to include just the face. (If you need help with that, Google is your friend.) Once you have the picture, it can be uploaded here:

The text under your name (ie: Swashbuckler) changes automatically, increasing to greater ranks with user activity.
If you ever need any help this goes for anyone you can just send me a message I'm on this site a lot and I'm pretty used to everything so I know how stuff gets done.
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