Raidcall, Play Your Online Game With Voice

downloading it now!
EDIT (Dec 23, 2010 3:03 PM):
aw nobody's on...

This would be an awesome thing to do and we could have different channels for like guilds and things like that :)
Hey i just let you guys listen to Christa do all the talking, see what i have to put up with, dang parrot sounds like a recorder at times,...on,andon, andon (her knew saying is "talk,talk,talk,talk,talk":mad:

She's got that from Bet she Imitates your voice too.
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She's got that from Bet she Imitates your voice too.

Hehe, she sits on the monitor, and i am bad about saying out loud what i type, and yes, African Greys mimic each persons voice, any sound, laugh (hate that, always tell her quit laughing like me), and they can think, she knows which dog is barking, tells them by name to shut up, (of course she barks too) someone trys to sell you a book how to teach your bird to talk, he is stealing your money, they just say what they hear. No cussing in my house!:popcorn:
My house is so loud... 6 brothers and 2 sisters... Theres no way I could even get a sentence in before someone started having a burping contest or something. (Now THATS embarrassing :oops:)

oh Rose that is so funny,...i could just picture that one,...ok, you can say it, they probably have a fart contest or two also, for me,..with bulldog, penny, never fails, someone knocks at the door, just the look on their face, and i say, hey, it was the dog! And they are like, sure,....i even hear her do it, and i always say PENNY! she just lifts her head up and BUURRPP, she dont care, they are one gross dog,...and she is a girl, wonder how the male bulldogs are,..
Lol, born and bred from New York so don't feel bad. I actually live in Virginia now and I've lost most of my yankee accent but every now and then I forget and it slips.

i've lived in a lot of states and they all knew where i was from originally especially when i said i have to park my car