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Recruiting Raised By Wolves


Pirate Apprentice
You know, I've got to say, I have been around TLOPO since basically the start of the games launch playing. I have looted, SVS'd, maxed 5 pirates and PVP'd, and had a great time, but the one thing that never stayed constant was my guild. I've been in a lot of guilds in my time, as would anyone who has played for 3 years, but i've never seen such a perfect guild. This guild has an amazing balance of professionalism and family, and I think in the end of the day that's what makes it great for me, and that is due undoubtedly to the fact that the main core of the guild, which is most of the higher ranking officers, have known each other almost as long as they have played this game and formed lasting friendships. I myself have been friends with the guilds GM for near 2 years at this point. With a strong resolve and incredible dedication, they have grown the guild to an impressive point, starting from a member pool of just 5 or so. This success is definitely due to the fact that these people have such good relationships with each other and understanding, which is something no guild, no matter how dedicated they may be, can fabricate, and I'd wager that its that sense of family that makes Raised By Wolves special. Best guild experience of my time in TLOPO by far!


The Raised By Wolves guild experience is one you do not want to miss out on. Within my time of playing TLOPO, and POTCO, there have only been a hand full of guilds I actually felt were suitable environments for any person. Raised By Wolves is a dedicated guild, and works hard to keep their members feeling loved and positive every single day. It is a guild that supports each and every member equally, and maintains a consistent schedule of awesome guild events (as you can see if you scroll up). I am a member of Raised By Wolves, and I've been along for the ride the majority of its life span and I have to say, it's one of the best experiences I have had, and has given me some unforgettable memories. The guild is so interactive with its members, and everyone is so supportive that you will never feel left out, or unwelcome. Being a member of Raised By Wolves is truly an amazing experience that is not available anywhere else.


Sea Legs
Latest guild event :
ATTENTION! Winter and Ed have been kidnapped! We gotta work together to find them alive! Meet up on Tortuga, Nocivo to start the hunt. I've received a letter with a hint where they might be. It says: Deep in a cave that made pirates history, you will find your first clue to this little mystery. If you need to ask, we cannot say. Don’t let your pirate gut lead you astray.


Now is the time to be a bugger and split you lot up from one another. Far away from here is someone’s lover, partially hidden under cover. He is not the one you seek, you’ll need to look at close quarters else your guild heads could be slaughtered. It’s suggested you do not wear tight corset for fear you’ll lose your breath. Surrounded in brick and a view like none other. The clue is, find the bell

Legend has it it's where pirates are made and broken there is a ghostly air, but that's unspokenand you shall be re directed.



Mission success , The guild's heads have been saved .
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Captain Midori

The time I have spent with Raised by Wolves is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in Tlopo. Raised by Wolves is a very loving community family guild that tries their hardest to accept and help one another! Everyone is sure to feel welcome as we do not judge anyone. We love to have fun and have good laughs! I really admire the hard work and effort that is put into running the guild as I know its not something easily done. It has been a learning experience for me and it still continues to be that way to this day. I hope anyone who joins will find it that way too. ;)