Regarding the bug removal that affected the Windcatcher skill


I may be the only one impacted by the removal of the "Windcatcher applying twice" bug, but it's still quite bothersome.
I have a Frigate with the maxed Storm Chaser upgrade, and before the update, it reached a max speed of 17-18 knots with maxed Windcatcher and two sailing items that boost Windcatcher by +1 and +2, without Full Sail or Ramming Speed.
After the update, however, it now reaches a maximum of 13 knots with the same Windcatcher skill upgrade and the sailing item that boosts Windcatcher by +2.
I find it incredibly annoying, in my opinion, because it's now like I'm sailing a quick-turning, but incredibly fragile tank, rather than a speedy bolt of lightning (granted, I really only use said ship to get to any wild islands, but still).
It also impacted my already slow Copperhead War Sloop, grinding it from 13 knots to 11.
Obviously, my War Galleon was hit the second-hardest (before my Frigate and after my War Sloop), as it now goes 10 knots instead of 13 (I could care less about my War Frigate's speed since I mostly use it for show).
It's incredibly painful dealing with such slow speeds, so I'm suggesting that the Windcatcher skill be buffed slightly, like adding 8% more speed to a ship instead of 5%, so the maximum percentage increase would be 36% without sailing items, and 48% with a Windcatcher boost of +3 on a sailing item (if there is one that boosts it to that degree), so it would still be slower than the pre-bug removal, but faster than the current one.

I've included screenshots, too.
The first two are after the bug removal, and the two last ones are before it was removed.


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Hmm... I don’t think it was ever intended that player ships would be as fast as they were. Isn’t Windcatcher working correctly now?
My 9 Maxed Storm chaser War Sloops with full windcatcher, plus 2 wind rigging upgrades , was running 18 knots. Now, 15 Knots. Went from driving a fun ship to sitting on a rock. TO frustrating to enjoy sailing. Sailing is the only thing I mostly do, I really need it for peace of mind, serenity.. Losing the wind out of my sails has made sailing, not fun. If my math is correct from reading all ship speeds, from upgrades, The Max Storm Chaser is the fastest ship to buy, upgrade. Now it seems it is no longer fastest.
Sounds like there may be an issue with Sea Charts that is causing some of this controversy. Now I’m curious, maybe I will do some retraining to see for myself whether ppl are just upset because their ships are slower now or is Windcatcher really still bugged or is it just that the Windcatcher buff on Sea Charts doesn’t work??? I’m starting to sense that there may be multiple issues at work here.
I actually kind of noticed this while leveling up my sailing skills. I would put points into windcatcher but the top speed of my ship would still be the same... I don't know if this is the same thing exactly, but what's the point of windcatcher if it doesn't even work then?
If Windcatcher didn’t work then cutting its effect in half wouldn’t have upset so many people, half of zero is zero, so I think there is definitely more to it than just that.