Remember Me: Chapter 3 Alexander’s Tale ( Preview)

Basil Darkratte

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Just of Perview of what is to come. Keep in mind that some of this maybe changed.
“Yes I can certainly see that…” said Alex, “What are we doing here anyway?”

Jack comes up behind them.

“On strictly business related business, as it were, and nothing else! Well, maybe a drink or two, but after that, it’s business! To the Kings Arm!”

Jack leads the way as Gibbs and the others follow behind him.

The wind that blew was warm and full of different smells- mostly rum, but also, from the salty sea air, and the roasting of meat. There was laughing and people singing drunkenly.

“Why do they call this place kings Arm?” asked Alex, “A king lost his arm here?”

“ Actually, you couldn’t be any more right,” said Gibbs, “ You see, long ago before Tortuga was founded, there was a battle- Pirates Vs Pirates it was.”

“A battle? What for?”

“You know, for a pirate, you certainly have a lot of questions…” Gibbs smiles

“I only turned Pirate a few hours ago, give it a chance, mate.” Alex replied.

Basil Chuckles, Gibbs looks at him disapprovingly, Basil Smile fades.

Aye, well, anyway, they were battling for treasure you see.”

“Naturally,” said Jack, “Pity it was before my time- would’ve have won the battle with nothing but a corset and a wig, but alas-“

“Anyway,” Gibbs interrupted, “There was a pirate king there, William Gaston. Long story short, the poor bugger got his arm cut off, Landed right were the Traven is today”

“Is he still Alive?” Asked Basil, who was now interested in the story.

“I reckon he is,” said Gibbs, “somewhere in the Caribbean. All I know is that the Traven was named after him. ”

“And it’s a good thing we’re here,” said Jack turning around, “I was getting bored of that story. I wasn’t in it!”

Alex looked at the Traven from the ground floor to the first. On the balcony two women leaned against the railing. One of them winked at Alex; He smiles nervously.

“So this is kings Arm, Huh?” said Alex. He hears the music and the laughter coming from within, “Looks wild.”

A scream- a man who was on the balcony was thrown off by two other men. He lands in a cart full of mud- well, hopefully it’s mud…

“ Aye,” said jack, “ that’s why it’s so famous. In we go.”
Basil! I love how you paid attention to details! Those parts are actually almost as interesting as the story line itself ... the wind that was full of different smells, two women leaning against the railing and one winked at Alex, a cart full of mud - well, hopefully it was mud ... Those are what makes your story even more interesting! Those details enriched the story itself, cause you were already thinking about the setting and you were bringing the readers to the setting ... I could picture it in my mind.

Excellent! Can't wait until the complete story comes out! You are getting better and better at this! :excited: