Retaliation; the "Preparation H" of_BUTT HURT?

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Retaliation. It's a fancy word for vengeance; revenge being it's cousin, (weekend) company, and counter-part. This reminds me of a story.

Life is full of small moments. ;) There was this one moment I had where, in the bathroom, I nearly grabbed by accident a tube of Preparation H which was sitting on the counter next to the toothpaste. I needed to brush my teeth and so I just caught myself in the nick of time before all "H" was about to occur.
That moment there...whewww; yeah, it was a close one! To this day I think back to that moment and I wonder how BUTT HURT things really could have got if I didn't catch myself in making such a horrible decision. (Essentially, once I realized the outcome of what I was about to do I had all the 'freedom' at my disposal to change my direction/alter my course. *That decision was solely left up to me. Nobody else, thank goodness, was around).

Friends...when it comes to retaliation (specifically retaliation dished-out 'online'), if you are contemplating it you are undoubtedly BUTT HURT! In my world, you are only 1/2 arm length away from being disappointed highly with the outcome. Retaliation, like Preparation H, only soothes temporarily! It does nothing (long-term) to resolve the underlying itch and burn within a person's heart/soul. :furious:

So take it from me, the need to generate pay back for wrong you think they had's a complete waste of time because true freedom, hear me now please, comes from within you in the form of forgiving others (of 'any' pain or resentment caused).

You. You're much better off/in full control of your own emotions if you choose not to retaliate. ;)
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