Ringtone Channel


Wanted Pirate
Hey everyone!

I've created this thread to announce that I am starting a fun little YouTube channel. The purpose of this YouTube channel is to post free custom-made ringtones. I'm a musician in college that's majoring in Music Education. In my free time when I'm not practicing my flute or studying Theory, I compose music using FL Studio. It occurred to me that I could compose music for people to use as ringtones after acknowledging that most music I compose is very short in length.

So far I have two ringtones uploaded. I'm planning posting weekly as I am able to upload multiple ringtones in one video. I also take suggestions/requests. Feedback would also be great!

Curious? Check out my channel using the link!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBnDqKQI5HkJY-Y_zWUB2pA?view_as=subscriber