Event Rusty Cutlass Ruckus!

Esmie Dreadbones

Hello, everyone! Rogue Gallery would like to announce our next hosted event: the Rusty Cutlass Ruckus!

Hack and slash your way to infamy! It's a chaotic mess of rusty weapons and crusty pirates!

We'll meet up at 9:00pm Eastern, October 14 on Kokojillo inside the warehouse on Kingshead. Notorious Nell will be staying there to coordinate groups if needed.

  • Mayhem mode PvP.
  • Rusty cutlass or rusty sabre are the only weapons allowed!
  • No jumping, all for fun. We want this to be as inclusive as possible.
You can get a free rusty cutlass or sabre at any blacksmith. We'll create new mayhem rooms as needed (8 per room). The winner will be declared after 30 minutes (self-reported). Whoever get the most kills gets the most infamy and digital rum! We'll also post the results here.
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Esmie Dreadbones

Just a reminder!! Rusty Cutlass Ruckus will be on October 14th at 9 est, Kokojillo server.We will meet at the Kingshead warehouse. Truly, this is an open pvp that will be inclusive!! No jumping, blade locking or other 1337 skills!! Just for fun and mayhem. Hack and slash your way to glory.