Saturday With Wrath Of Ravens

red beard

Pirate Apprentice
yo forums, this is what our guild did today, just a normal day for us. you hardly ever see just one of us alone. we tend to do every thing as a guild.
this is us early in the after noon choosing teams for an event in our guild contest/games. first place prize today a 30 day game card. it was great fun for a couple hours. then an invasion came up so we called it to be over. we really didn't care too much who had won, so we declaired a lvl 14 basic member kat dockhawk the winner and gave her the 30 card. boy was she happy.
this is us cutting up, having fun and clowning around while waiting for jolly roger to show up.
even the invasion was a lot of fun. note the nice shoot of todays guild games winner, kat. this was not planed, i just noticed it while looking at the shot i took of the invasion. one happy girl there, i tell ya.
after we beat up jollys army we desided to have a party break as any good guild would would do.
then someone said " lets go get the pearl !" everyone says YA! and we were off to get jacks ship.
it wasn't long before we were sailing home with our prize. i think it was the first time for emma our guild mate, at the helm of the pearl. she later said she was so glad that she didn't sink us or make anyone sea sick. good job emma!
i desided to take a break from the guild and went to mess with dark hart solo for awhile. this is always fun and you just never know what you might get. please don't tell my GM raven true heart about this as i think she's a little sweet on him and would surely frown on this. but to me i think it's good for him. just a little reminder to treat her right.
when i caught back up with the guild they were haveing their way with foulbearto. poor guy, nothing like being attacked by a flock of ravens. i looted with them for awhile and was starting to get tired. of course my guild was not tired at all. they go on like this forever.
so i retired to the pub to wash down the dust and sea salt with some rum and swap stories with some old friends. i mean tomarrow will be another long and fun day.
it's an awesome guild i got 2 pirates in it. they are VERY helpful with quests and lvling and such things.
Yes It Our Guild Event Was Very Fun And Congrats To Kate Dockhawk Who Won One Month Membership, And We Will Have More Events Like This Won, So Join Our Guild, Wrath Of Ravens Forever!!!