Savvy Pirates, Prove Yer Worth! (06/22/11)

Isaiah Ropeswine

Wanted Pirate
You thirst for challenges and we’ve returned with another one – test yer knowledge of the Caribbean, its islands, allies, enemies and its many mysteries in this second installment of "Savvy Pirates, Prove Yer Worth".

The below list of questions, puzzles and Pirates Online trivia should provide a challenge for all but the saltiest of old Pirates.
Answer the mysteries below by replying in the Comments field below this post.

Be sure to include your exact Pirate name, Notoriety Level and Guild Name to ensure you get proper credit.

So... how well do you know Pirates, Pirate?

1. What are the three wild islands that the Queen Anne’s Revenge has been known to stalk?

2. The evil boss "Bonerattler" can be found in what cursed cavern conducting a hoodoo ritual?

3. What are the names of all the Jumbee found on the Queen Anne’s Revenge?

4. What are the two highest level of Infamy that a Pirate can achieve on Land and at Sea?

5. On which day of each month do Peddler merchants offer new clothing choices to buy?

6. In Cannon Defense, what is the special ability of the "Bait Shot"?

7. How many islands are there in our Caribbean?

8. Besides a Fishing Boat, what are the three island locations a Pirate can fish from?

9. Pirates want the best loot! What type of plunder is the most valuable when looting ships at sea?

10. What trouble has Captain Jack Sparrow’s father recently gotten himself into?


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Ok, so everybody is for him/herself? No cheat sheet? ;)
I have turned it mine, but I really don't know the answer to #6 to save my life. I only played CD probably 3 times in all my career as pirates ...

Captain Sharktooth

Notorious Pirate

UPDATE 6/23/11: See below for the quickest correct answers to this "Savvy" challenge.

Question #4 proved to be tricky for many Pirates - there are eight Jumbee horrors total aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge: Jumbee Cook, Jumbee Thrall, Jumbee Swabbie, Jumbee Lookout, Jumbee Thug, Jumbee Officer, Jumbee Thralldriver, and last but in no way the least, their brutal Boss La Schafe!
But when you're surrounded by deadly Jumbee, who has time to count?
We salute these savvy Pirates who sailed in fastest with all ten answers exactly right:
  • Jamie the Second - Guild Master of The Cursed Flame Guild, Level 33
  • Captain Kill Joy - Dark Archive Guild, Level 24
  • Bess Mcscarlett - Original Sin Guild, Level 49
  • Sam Seabones - Skull's Marines Guild, Level 31
And right on their heels:
  • Jason Lockbane - Shadow Sorcorers Guild, Level 40
  • Aquablade - Guild Master of Ocean Born Guild, Level 38
  • Billy Foulfury - Level 47
Due to such a huge response, we could not possibly post everyone who answered correctly. Our apologies if your name was not posted this time around, but Roberta Roberts and Caymen Trench congratulate ALL Pirates whose answers matched and look forward to the next challenge.
Many thanks to all Pirates who participated - you have all once again "proved yer worth"!


Site Founder
Disney used to pick several ppl who got EACH answer right, not all answers. So there were more possibilities to have the name recognized, depending on how fast we could enter the challenge. Those who answered them all correctly should've gotten some kind of rewards ....... maybe a wallpaper for computer or something.