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Attention everyone,

As we have announced previously on our forums we are not only a forum, we are also a pirate coalition.

We are going to start our nominations for Savvy Swashbuckler of the year 2011.

Please post below the names of these pirates who you believe have contributed noticeable to make changes in the Caribbean toward a better place, and that you think that deserve the title of savvy swashbuckler.

How does it work?.

Once we have obtained our nominations, we will officially back them with our support, and the support of all our members.

Once the official Savvy Swashbuckler event comes up at piratesonline.com, we will have our nominations and we will back them and vote for them.

At the end of this event, we will pick the names and announce the next step.

  • Please provide names of pirates who are known in the Caribbean.
  • Say why you are nominating that pirate
  • The nominees can but don't have to be piratesforums.co member.
  • No bias will be used.
More info

There are different personalities all over the Caribbean, and it can go from talented Savvy Swashbucklers that like to help others, to a guild's guild master and everything in between, here at piratesforums we reward talent. We don't care who you are, or where you come from, if you are talented or demonstrated leadership you have a chance to be a nominee.

Please note, this is not a vote. It is a nomination.

* All unrelated posts will be removed.
I'm also in it for Shamus the Brute. He really is the most helpful and kind pirate I know in the whole Carribean.
I met Shamus for the first time on his ship, and there was a couple of kids there too and being REALLY annoying. But Shamus just take his time to explain what we are doing over and over, so much patience in that man Shamus.
shamus the brute because he is very helpful and is always friendly. jade o' hayes because she has to put up with me and because she is also always nice and has alot to say about things.
Well in that case I would also like to nominate Captain Star bc she is kind and fair and a good pirate/player friend. And she is taking guild Spania to a really nice place to be.
:lol1: Corey ...
In all seriousness, I'd like to nominate my friend who is not in this forum. He goes by Tommy/Lightfoot/Tommy/Tom (only 4 that I know of Idk how many; he has multiple pirates and after he mastered them, he would delete them and start over - lightning fast leveler). He's very patient and helpful, never says negative things, always says not to take bad comments into the heart because this was just a game; and that we were supposed to have fun and not to get mad. Very wise guy, the best sailor in the Caribbean. He usually is not in the guild, only one Tommy is in N O TO R I O U S.

I also would nominate Tom Sharpshot/Sharprazor/Peter Sharpshot, the guild master of Crew Quarters. He's a noble man, always helpful and cheerful (even before I was in his guild and before I knew his other pirate was a gm of a 490-something size of guild), very wise and positive about everything. He takes us to weekly events with other guilds and having fun (not winning, even though he is competitive) is the the most important thing.
I would like to nominate Eliza Macmorgan because she likes to make everybody happy being random and she is not afraid to say always the truth or even risk her pirate life to defend her friends, one of her phrases is: "you must not mess with my friends because you are messing with me too and you will suffer the consequences".
Other important thing about Eliza is that she loves to make POTCO videos in order to bring happiness to everybody, about this I remember when Eliza said: "I will finish my homework later because I promised my dear public that it will be released today and I always keep my word".
If you have seen her videos you sure noticed that she always cares about doing her best to give us a great time, but if you haven't seen any of her videos I will show you one of my favorites because it shows her leadership abilities and the patient to record and edit this that make me admire her.

If you want to see more of her videos please visit the next
link: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThirstySoulsGuild#p/u
It is so Hard to think about just one Nominee when you know so many Great Pirates of the Caribbean. so i well have to my top 3 picks in no special order. I Honor the following because of there Passion and Loyalty to all in the Caribbean. These Pirates are not only known for helping there guild but they do things out of the box. Extending the pleasures of game play beyond Disney. Creating And Hosting games is a hard task, and for alot of Maxed Pirates like myself it is one of the few things that keep bringing me back. So Much work goes in to founding and working for a Community web page like Pirates Forums. I feel bringing Pirates together is the best way to keep Leveling after you have done everything the Caribbean has to offer. There are so many Honorable Pirates, Officer and GM's out there making the Caribbean shine with all there hard work. But i speak from my Pirate Heart when i say these names.

Our Vary own Treasurer Admin of Pirates Forums there is much Greatness in this Fellow Pirate.

The League of Guilds Dreamy Desirae GM of Passionate Pirates, Her hard work forever appreciated.

Game Host Kat Heartfury GM of Die ink. For Bringing so many new a wonderfully fun Pirate made games.

I Honor You.
i would also nominate Shamus for his humor most of all, and Captain Star, just for being who she is,..a sweet person..
At this time I would like to nominate Raven Trueheart, Captain Star, and Eliza T. Creststeel.

Raven Trueheart - from Wrath of Ravens guild has shown leadership and has been helping out the community, where areas others have failed to do so. Raven Trueheart has not hesitated, and is there ready to help. She is also a greeter here at pirates forums.

Captain Star - Co GM of Spania guild is one of the most wonderful and ready for action pirate you will ever meet, her leadership has not only received the veteran , officer and Co GM nominations in three different occasions from me, but she also gets the Savvy Swashbuckler nomination from me. She has helped the community here on the forums, and even got an Admin nomination. You won't find pirates like this around the corner!, unless you are on pirates forums :).

Eliza T. Creststeel. - from the Elite Thiever Co guild, also has shown great leadership, even though we have never had a chance to interact much, I have been able to overseen her great attitude toward others in the community, where areas others have failed to do, and I always appreciate that.

I have other pirates that I would have nominated, but can't nominate everyone unfortunately.
Hmm, Jade and John and Davy.
Jade and John for helping me with my YT Page, and everything else I needed, and for helping me out in the videos I made.
And Davy, for making this site, of course! Without it, I would have never met you guys!
i nominate shamus the brute because hes very kind, humorous, and helpful and creative. he's a great guy and an even better pirate...also i nominate davy darkrage
i 2nd the nomination for raven true heart. everyone on the forums knows her great work with her guild and here on the forums, but i believe i know her better than most. i have been in her guild now for quite some time and i can tell you she is the most friendly and careing pirate you will ever come across. not just to the members of her guild, but to anyone who is lucky enough to meet her or be her friend. she is the kind who will drop what ever she is doing to help a guildie or friend putting others before herself.

i also nominate davy darkrage for all his work here on the forums. he takes the time to answer all the questions we may ask, no matter how dum they may seem at the time. he has great knollage of potco and the game and shares it with all. thanks davy darkrage for bringing this great forum to the internet for all to use and enjoy.
nominations from an old school hard nosed pirate.

#1 captain starr. she took on the very hard job of co gm. at first i heard whisperings of discontent and some pirates seem very unhappy with treasurer picking her for the job. i think it was only because they thought they should be the one. time has shown however that she was the one for the job. she has turned all in her guild into beleivers with the great job she has done. she has never failed to great me when i come on, she keeps the peace within the guild and has made everyone a fan and friend. good job captian starr.

#2 davy darkrage. do i really need to say anything about him?

#3 ok i've hear some on the forums call this guy " the caribbean killer " but in spania we just call him johnny mak. he has done so much for his guild i beleive he deserves the nomination for savvy swashbuckler of 2011.

ok, like treasurer said, their are lots of savvy pirates out there, but we can only pick 3. one of most savvy pirates i have ever met is carlos. he has seen and done it all. i really don't think he would want to be nominated so i didn't. i'm sure he would want someone else a chance for the spotlite.:flag:
Wow, thank you for the nominations......but I don't deserve that....

Jade O'Hayes is deserving of that title....always there to help out in any question or comments, she knows all the in's and out's of the Caribbean!

Capt Star....wow girl....is always ...helping out with questions and moderating everything.....not to mention the friendly greet you give to everyone as Co-GM.....Kudos to all...wish there could be away to really give trophies to all of you! Cheers!
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