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Me Harties,

After our nomination event:



nominations votes:


62 pirates casted their votes, and they spoke LOUD and clear, to nominate and choose the Savvy Swashbuckler nomination in 2011.

Make no mistake about it, this race wasn't short from bringing a variety of pirates together to make their voices be heard. Pirates from all over the world were nominated, and many pirates casted their votes.

I am pleased to announce our nominee winner, and it is an admin here on pirates forums. Her work has not gone unnoticed, she started off, just like everyone else here on the forums, she was a member, and her enthusiasm toward making this community better, and her consistency, got her to get first promoted as a moderator, and after, that once more she was promoted once again into an admin. Mates this is the opportunity everyone has, here at the forums!.

Many pirates around here recognize that, and she has contributed to the community without being shy about it.

Many more pirates indeed were worth to be nominated, but what is exciting about this, all of them had the opportunity to be nominated, many none forum forums members were nominated, but as we can see, you got to be a member here to actually make your voice be counted, or have enough support in the whole Caribbean to trigger pirates around here to overweeningly cast these votes. As we have announced in our press release about our pirate Coalition.


Our nominee is Captain Star!..

Many pirates around here value the work Captain Star and many others in the community have done, and continue to do!.

Please write below your blessings to our nominee, she has garner enough support to go out there and get the Savvy Swashbuckler title.

Also congratulations to 2nd and 3rd place,
Davy Darkrage and Shamus The Brute

Please note that this event, is one of our sponsored events, from our pirates coalition here at pirates forums. In case there isn't a savvy swashbuckler event this year, ( we can never be sure), our nominee will still receive support for any substitutional event sponsored by Disney.

Our pirate collation is mainly focusing our efforts. I would like to remind individual pirates that they can still vote for anyone they see fit, when the official event comes up. However we will promotion, and offer official support to our official nominees.

Thanks everyone who participated, and we are looking forward for this great event. Thanks for nominating, and thanks for your support to the community here a at pirates forums. We appreciate everything you do!.

Cheers mates, and the rum is on the house!.

Give it up for Captain Star!!

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* I am SO happy & excited for you Star! Yay! Way to go!!!

It makes me glad to see that your efforts, dedication, & hard work have made a difference within the only Caribbean I will ever know. I congratulate Davy as well...as his efforts have been very impressive!!!

~ Handsomely done, mate &...you have ALL of our support ;) ~