Savvy Swashbucklers Results


Honorable Pirate
Savvy Swashbucklers Results
November 03, 2010

Thank you for sending in your choices for Savvy Swashbucklers! There were many worthy Pirates nominated but only a few managed to win the title of "Savvy Swashbuckler".
Here are October's winners:

Carlos led his guild, Spania to victory as one of the Strongest Guilds in the Caribbean in "The Strongest Guild Competition". A great leader and even greater friend, Carlos goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his Guild remains strong and united.

Jane is a savvy lass who loves herself a good joke. A tough Pirate with a sense of humor, Jane is very close with her Guild mates and never turns her back on any Pirate in distress.
Having mastered her Voodoo skills, Jane is a force to be reckoned with during any battle including Jolly Roger's Invasions.
Lidia Groongeburn

Lidia Groongeburn is one of the most reliable Pirates you'll meet in the Caribbean. From helping out fellow Pirates with their quests to defending the islands against Jolly Roger, Lidia will never let a soul down. Her bravery is commendable as she never thinks twice about risking her own neck to save a friend.

Let's hear a mighty cheer for these remarkable Savvy Swashbucklers!
Congrats on Winning The Savvy Swashbucklers Carlos!! You really deserve it!! Woot woot! :)
I can imagine the time and effort you put into the forum, the game, your friends, and ty for the invite to the guild, congrats, Carlos:rolleyes: