Say Goodbye To Matthew Dreadmenace

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Matthew Dreadmenace

Pirate Apprentice
NO!!! Don't give up ... I refuse to say goodbye. Player was in the similar situation as yours. Go access your internet from somewhere else, don't use the same IP address. Please start over. We would like to have you back, please? :sad1:

Looking forward to meeting another Matthew Dreadmenace!
You can't change your IP, that's your internet protocol where you are accessing it from ... Davy may know. I'd say, go to somebody else's house and open an account there. Then level him up until you can't continue. Then get him unlimited and play him at your original place, hopefully it will not prevent you anymore when you start off without the same IP address. I would think, I could be wrong though. Just don't even try to start a new pirate with the same IP address; Disney Potco will be able to detect that.
I'm not qualified to answer both. The only thing that I could tell you about the later part is that, looking at somebody else's experience who was termed and started over after about 2-3 weeks, the account finally was detected again by Disney Potco as the same account that has been previously termed. Then it got termed again for the second time. (Player may be able to answer this better).
If your IP is not a "static", meaning is a dynamic IP, you can get a new IP by resetting your router. Some times you have to go in the configuration page from your router to reset it by "restarting" the router from the config, you could also try cutting off the power from the router and putting it back on. There are not guarantees in this information.

If you have been terminated, we do not encourage you to continue to play the game, it goes against the Disney TO'S, but we wont' condone it either. Do it at your own risk. We currently don't have rules that prohibit this.
Thank You!
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What Would Happen If I Made A new Account At The Same Computer?
If they banned you by your IP address you wont be able to create a new account on the same computer. If thats the case you wont be able to play from your house anymore. If they just terminated your account and not banned your IP, you should be able to create a new account.
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