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Sea of Thieves, like The Legend of Pirates Online is a zany swashbuckling MMO! I created this topic here on PiratesForums for players to congregate and create crews of their own, and go on their own adventures.
(Available on Windows 10 Game Store and/or XBOX One)

Let's talk loot, mates!​


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As of right now on the Sea of Thieves, you can take part in the time-sensitive event known as The Hungering Deep. During the remainder of this event, players can crew together to take down one of the mightiest apex predators to ever roam our Earth, the Megalodon.

Current Event
Defeat 3 Megalodons
Merrick's Megalodon Drum
15,000 Gold

As of this post, this stage of The Hungering Deep lasts for another 21h 30m
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No, it's not really true,this is not The Hungering Deep event,it's a celebration of it for the second anniversary of the game,every big update will have a celebration.

The Hungering Deep is the first very big content update for the game,it added the drum,the speaking trumpet and a little journey to find how to and summon the Megalodon which at the time was more powerful than the Megs we have now and required multiple crews to work together.

All in all,people should know that this event is tbh,pretty shallow. It doesn't compare to the original event at all,it's just some really easy tasks that you can do because why not and that's all.

P.S. The rewards aren't that great but it's easy enough,the fact they give out the first Drum in the game is pretty controversial among veterans who played during that time though.
If anyone wants to join me and my friend,hit me up.